England scored already

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England never scored more than 350 between 2011 WC and 2015 WC, since 2015 WC have already scored 350+ 6 times and they have 3 years to go.
by the time you have ended reading this post, England might have already scored 20 more runs
@BumbleCricket Don't you think England have already scored what beyond reach of Pakistani batsmen? Send a word to dressing room to declare
@England @OfficialBigSam no Ross Barkley already scored twice in 3 games! Ali overated and doesn't pass not a team player,Henderson oh dear­čś¬
@TheCharizmaa @England completely Agree mate. Already scored 2 goals this season
@mattlyynch MOTM on his debut. He's 16 and already scored in his 2nd game. Will be England's best LB in 10 yrs if developed properly
@UrmstonLordMUFC @rioferdy5 I disagree if he was giving the chance he would of scored, he already done it in England, look at or team now
Big news from England's morning kickabout where Alastair Cook scored the winner. Those Iniesta vibes clearly paying off already.
@rashalltheway last season top scorer rooney with 12 he has 7 already this season. he has scored 10 in 12 for england