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RT @Knicks__France: Enes Kanter à lui aussi profité de l’été pour se muscler 👀 https://t.co/76dncWKpqv
@Enes_Kanter @richardosman didn't know you had a statue
@andrewbogut What is knick knocking? Is that pushing enes kanter?
@PrimeShayne @DinwiddieStan @Enes_Kanter There’s always gonna be the casuals that trash people but the fans that I… https://t.co/TmF43tdmHu
@FuckYouFallin @DinwiddieStan @Enes_Kanter there are multiple games when Westbrook shot under 40% lmfao. he's a hel… https://t.co/vN2mKx7maX
@Enes_Kanter Wow! Gheorghe Muresan didn't age well...
RT @DurantAccount: Just found out @DeAndre and @Enes_Kanter are free agents next year 😏
@Enes_Kanter @KnickFilmSchool Love your spirit enes 😍 from france
@PrimeShayne @DinwiddieStan @Enes_Kanter For real you guys all use the same lines. We don’t blame melo, we blame hi… https://t.co/zgJ4KOVJX4
@FuckYouFallin @DinwiddieStan @Enes_Kanter ai, when y'all lose who you gonna blame this year? last year it was melo… https://t.co/EDruexYu7o
@Enes_Kanter We still miss you in OKC!!
@Enes_Kanter Would he body u in the paint tho
@Enes_Kanter You really think ur worth 18 mill u and Noah need to go
@Enes_Kanter Shit, I’d hoop all over him