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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/5XnusbgOW3 Eminem - Campaign Speech
Eminem will always be my favorite rapper 🔥💯
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/fp2d0pwkez Eminem - Campaign Speech
I've also been listening to Eminem again 😆
@itstherapcritic Any thoughts on Eminem's campaign speech?
ive got 14 hours to do a speech on Eminem
No matter what mood I'm in Eminem has a song just for me
RT @VShady17: Campaign Speech is a freestyle with NO beat and it broke into the Top-10 Best Selling Rap Songs on iTunes with NO p… https://t.co/WpDiUmKpMg
Couldn’t get past 15 seconds of that new Eminem song. What the fuck is he talking about? Dude is 44, how does anyone enjoy this shit?
To be honest Eminem kills this track but how many other rappers killed tracks and are not even seeing the most love Eminem receives
Eminem - Stronger Than I Was (Music Video) https://t.co/BS7I8omQmo vía @YouTube
Hmm...the one rapper the outrage class has an issue with. https://t.co/ZftPDqFrzy
Quiero q me cojas mucho — Basta renzo https://t.co/kuJQldRhMd
RT @downtownkillers: if you can't rap all of stan by eminem w me don't hmu
Oh wow new Drake and Eminem are both out. Pretty excited to have to delete my spotify account incase that shows up.
RT @miyearnzz: DJ YANATAKE Eminem『Campaign Speech』を語る https://t.co/JTaUkIWO2f エミネムの新曲! ほぼ8分、長い!
@Eminem Mr. Mathers, joined Twitter today to help my son. He just earned Eagle Scout, would you consider writing a congrats note, please?
RT @2017Eminem: Eminem buying his own CD (2002) ft. Paul https://t.co/t7hkPDicB2
@eminem_manuel マヌエルくん、僕ついにps4かいました
Best thing that came out of anything NWA is @Eminem THE GOAT