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RT @luciano_hang: Pessoal, o PT está dizendo que agora estamos utilizando robôs para impulsionar a campanha do @jairbolsonaro . Isto… https://t.co/0IzuYpqMHQ
RT @jairbolsonaro: O nosso compromisso SEMPRE foi com a liberdade de imprensa e internet. Hoje está claro como água a essência de meus… https://t.co/pNXyjgy1QU
Jr (left) and his buddy Sean menaced the Emerson O line all night for a 41-14 W! Another step closer to playoffs. 6… https://t.co/NzSroomlrL
RT @filgmartin: O PT montou esquema para pagar influenciadores digitais, espalhou santinhos ilegais, impulsionou postagens irregula… https://t.co/z8wXkRsae9
RT @ricsl1600: In failing circumstances no one can be relied on to keep their integrity. - Ralph Waldo Emerson #ALDUBNationForDaddysGurl 💝
@TyWalker716 But Emerson Bigguns sitting next to him 😜
@OfGoldenJock That brought a soft blush to Emerson’s pale features. “You flatter me all too much.” He locks his… https://t.co/GXvUwhZMrz
RT @Regina_Kenney: Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson #AmWriting https://t.co/BAF5vRD9Lu
“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting—- a wayside sacram… https://t.co/8ay8DGOZ8s
RT @xdeathdancex: it's official. i'm an emerson stan now. but like i'm also a sebastian stan. and a remington stan. you know what forget it lmao
RT @BlogDoPim: Imprensa americana se revoltou com redes sociais após vitória de Trump, assim como setores da brasileira após a de… https://t.co/W1caURvSbs
almost 9k so far, not all using that hashtag but all bots. https://t.co/DsrQPnIyZy
this hashtag #نجدد_مبايعه_الملك_سلمان_ومحمد that may or may not be "We renew the allegiance of King Salman and Muha… https://t.co/RthaOur8qE
RT @LeadershipTipss: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
RT @EresInteligente: "Un amigo es una persona con la que se puede pensar en voz alta". R.W. Emerson.
RT @EresInteligente: "Un amigo es una persona con la que se puede pensar en voz alta". R.W. Emerson.
RT @WendySiegelman: Nice shoutout on @chrislhayes from @oneunderscore__ about twitter bot analysis work done by @josh_emerson (from Indiana)
RT @mcgcalado: ☀️🌄🏠🌲🌻🌱💛 Good Morning / Bom Dia 💛🌱🌻🌲🏠🌄☀️ May new day be filled with peace, love, joy and achievements. “Write it… https://t.co/J2rPe18Dxt
Ainda bem que emerson me escuta :)
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