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Took a while to figure out the hierarchy of 1) taking a bath 2) going to the pharmacy and 3) nap some more 🤒
RT @Medikal_Son: I was at de pharmacy today wen a drunkard entered de shop nd shouted, ''give me a condom''!😂 the lady at de counter… https://t.co/dLom8NdBLe
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RT @Oloni: The withdrawal method is not an effective form contraception. Use condoms and drive her to the pharmacy to pick up the morning after pill
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RT @mavericious_: I went into the IGMH pharmacy and the guy giving me my meds takes out each and every medicine and explains how to u… https://t.co/PeEzWSsdEI
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RT @mavericious_: I went into the IGMH pharmacy and the guy giving me my meds takes out each and every medicine and explains how to u… https://t.co/PeEzWSsdEI
Everyone! Episode 47 of the Video Game Pharmacy Podcast is out! You can listen on @iTunes or wherever you find podc… https://t.co/aRgpra7Lel
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@dmtailor We only had one lecture on public health is pharmacy health systems and that was our discussion 😂, everyt… https://t.co/VwWxaT0Ko8
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@Its_Verno_ Mmmmmmm... Sizi after thot... Kinda like rushing to a pharmacy for i morning after pill. I c u @Its_Verno_
I'm at Kaiser Pharmacy - Largo in Largo, MD https://t.co/NBfFrTp7zK
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