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We are excited to be exhibiting in 2 weeks time at The Pharmacy Show on the 7th and 8th October! Register today to… https://t.co/hYtFZN4xRu
RPS writes to NHS England calling for multi-disciplinary approach to patient service design https://t.co/eA65yxkEOY
RT @Lornacurrie7: Patient Flow Managers taking part in pharmacy blister pack race. #MKFLOW18 @MonklandsHosp https://t.co/zjEO3MPuDt
a colony is a pharmacy: middle-class but spendthrift
RT @FizFaiez: Ada satu kedai nama dia Watson. Kau masuk situ pastu pi dekat bahagian condom. Beli la sekotak. Rasanya 3 round ko… https://t.co/myo2Ggm74n
Internet herbal pharmacy laboratory lavander Sweden https://t.co/Q24dJvsoky https://t.co/D8HXuciJL8
RT @JenMStevenson: Clearing 14 months of emails accumulated during mat leave. This photo one of the nicer emails. Prof Bob Hider award… https://t.co/p5P6jKtiEe
Thanks again to all our guests for coming to yesterday's dinner. It was a pleasure to host you all and to show off… https://t.co/7KIQxrhARx
Panic! At The Albertsons Pharmacy
Went off Twitter for a bit but this week it’s proved its worth to me again. Getting lots of exciting ideas about tr… https://t.co/ocP3SojWyK
RT @OwenSully22: At the same time PBM’s pocketed 223 million of state tax dollars, CVS Caremark and Optum RX UNDERPAID pharmacies by… https://t.co/BlWO4XbsGU
RT @HPILLminster: This is me ☺️🤭🙈 Proud of my heritage, background, successes, failures and how Pharmacy has come since I was… https://t.co/Foe1STPWiG
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Today is #WorldGratitudeDay! The perfect occasion to think about how amazing you are and what you are grateful for.… https://t.co/hq2RTpS56r
RT @saghir7: If you want to learn from respected individuals in the #Pharmacy profession on how to change your career, then quic… https://t.co/lkIMbc3akE
RT @HerbariumDonna: I literally stumbled across this gem of a museum & was in raptures walking round these rooms. #MateriaMedica Museum… https://t.co/CIFuiewEU3
RT @MatToddChem: Fun stakeholder dinner at @School_Pharmacy made fascinating by talking with @Junel94 about how pharmacists build th… https://t.co/AbbUQc5DZY
@CardioPharmUK @rpharms @pcpa_org @UKCPA Work of pharmacists in other related areas showing evidence of benefit and… https://t.co/CVBO5Ry1b2
RT @amyhychan: "Take your time. Slowcook your career" Wonderful thought-provoking words from @DrCDuggan at the @ucl… https://t.co/5SrUp5Esrl
I arrived late only to realise I'm chairing the pharmacy meeting 😥hauu madoda! Mongwe le mongwe ke yoo nkemetseng
RT @Ebuka: Had a terrible cough for days now. But someone cannot even enter pharmacy and buy cough syrup without being judged.
I literally stumbled across this gem of a museum & was in raptures walking round these rooms. #MateriaMedica Museum… https://t.co/CIFuiewEU3