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新卒がこれから自動化されるかもしれない仕事に就くなんて。。。なんて上から目線で言ってるあなたの仕事も自動化されるかもしれないし、新卒重視なその考えがどうかとおもいますが、仕事を生活の中で、どういう... https://t.co/D1Zq3tNx2m #NewsPicks
@mehedih_ @zacbowden He's a good CEO, just not the CEO I wanted strategy-wise :). Elop vs Nadella was really consumers vs business/Azure.
RT @Gagosian: .@guardian lists #EdRuscha #ExtremesInbetweens as 1 of "Five of the best... art exhibitions." #GagosianGrosvenorHill https://t.co/PdW7G94gDy
@qole @texrat slowly declining, the burning platform memo killed it, Anssi rejected Android, Elop took over, Anssi left
@qole @texrat imo unlikely, Elop bragged about a third horse in this race, never happened
@nicboyman @FillWerrell literally I don't know for sur elop
@ivabiggun71 So, it was breakup of the Fantastic Five. Makes sense. What might 've been had they remained. Elop had no chance @giodelgado
#MiFrasePoderosaEs "Nadie será capaz de arruinar éste maravilloso día" hoy estoy de buenas y pretendo seguir así.
RT @LGBTConsortium: You have until 5pm to apply for this exciting new vacancy for National LGBT Anti‐Bullying Project Coordinator!… https://t.co/HTye4QvVgR
Il-Trafiletto: Stephen Elop lascia Microsoft che Rinnova il Diret... https://t.co/Z2e5VxVIyl
Lead grows to 22-18 on a Taylor Elop ace
@maryammahmoud17 aftkrtk btshtmy b3den l2et elop zr2a 😂
RT @Gagosian: .@guardian lists #EdRuscha #ExtremesInbetweens as 1 of "Five of the best... art exhibitions." #GagosianGrosvenorHill https://t.co/PdW7G94gDy
@mvincenten 2 elop 1 cup zout is heeeel heftig. Ben er ook 1tje met rode tabasco aan het maken: waanzinnig, zuur, zout en heet. Stinkt wel.
Et eller andet sted i benzinland, sidder en CEO og skriver et "Stephen Elop memo" https://t.co/SjWSHDV9iB
"If we can hump dead animals and antelopes, then there's no reason that a man and another man can't elop..j Eminem
Bolloré est un peu au groupe canal+ ce que Stephen Elop a été pour Nokia en fait..
"We fell behind, we missed big trends, we thought we were making the right decisions; we now find ourselves years b… https://t.co/yqFR5sScUx