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@destani5 @MissFraserP23 @GreenhillPS Amazing PJs, have a fab day and get well soon!
RT @JeanHarker1: Well done TNA Ellie for undertaking Glowbox education to improve Hand Hygiene. @uhbipc @DonN https://t.co/s5eCnkE6P5
@eurenvision @anngav I will get straight onto my pal Jon Ola and suggest this.
RT @tylarvibes: if i feel an emotion one more time im gonna snap
El, Ellie, Alice, Sally, Elizabeth. https://t.co/3v9fGN26LW
RT @A1AO_: This is exactly how I feel when I go out nowadays https://t.co/RioALeHIiJ
RT @KylePlantEmoji: I don't want to DIE, I want to BE DEAD. why is that so hard to grasp? Domino's guy: please sign so I can leave
RT @megsmithh_: Feeling so shit about myself latley😟
Chicago's Democratic socialists on brink of transforming city's politics | US news | The Guardian https://t.co/O4FJLOQDog
@ellie_made @anngav Only two countries can win Eurovision 2019. Both delegations are nervous. For multiple reasons.… https://t.co/2gBBW9kjaQ
@charlesatan Don't know. I don't think you can go wrong with my name, But if I had to imagine, probably "Ellie".
@Measellie Harizazim ke crush ellie?
RT @sarahgeissahh: “ill study on my bed so I can rest my back” https://t.co/443EAh5rxS
I super want to go and see Vök, but the Glasgow date is the evening I'm flying back from LEP, they're in Brum on LE… https://t.co/SVFy3eCb89
RT @longlive_alexx: How y’all girls be when y’all go out to drink😂😂😂😂😂 @hektorrr @ErnieNdBert_14 https://t.co/CY27d2V7OU
RT @robfromonline: stop asking jesus to take the wheel, cars didn't exist 2000 years ago he has absolutely no idea what he's doing
RT @Liberdade80: Happy #WorldDownSyndromeDay to my beautiful daughter Ellie, a wonderful gift to have you in our lives, defying expe… https://t.co/xNx3fFwU7J
RT @TristxXxn: Don’t move here these are photoshopped our mountains still on fire https://t.co/aov7oRHKnr
RT @TheRSC: Kunene and the King opens tonight! Break a leg to @JohnKani2, Antony Sher and the entire crew. Janice Honeyman… https://t.co/HpR7MfjmZV
“Ellie! Ellie, 대답해! Ellie! 시발…….”