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A Necromancer Prince. A Dream-Weaving Princess. A world where nightmares bring death... Princess of Shadow and Drea… https://t.co/hE0YlOtnQJ
RT @W_Angels_Wings: Ellie Collins, Author Amazon https://t.co/NRVH3KoPPN Website https://t.co/W8sOOBzv51 Trailer… https://t.co/095EJAnqhv
RT @morgan_such: Asked my cousin to edit my Spanish cooking video for my project. Got this back! https://t.co/cse47nIgCv
Μου άρεσε ένα βίντεο @YouTube https://t.co/LX7qrhhnGP Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson - Beyond Time (Aurosonic Remix)
RT @lonestfeeIs: stop chasing after people & hurting yourself trying to fix everything. It’s mentally & physically draining. You hav… https://t.co/GSB23XjUpL
so far my relationship with the grind is going quite well
RT @ukrepro: The @NC3Rs are running an Experimental Design Workshop at @BristolUni on Tuesday 5 February 1-3pm. The workshop is… https://t.co/rPwURIvG81
RT @ESCPifPaf: Does it count on your 'Have we heard the winner yet?' poll if we've only heard seconds of it @ellie_made? If so I m… https://t.co/wvsVMQjoGB
Ellie is really struggling through no fault of her own (and a dysfunctional social security system run by a governm… https://t.co/FrZZ5VelYD
Зенит Какие 38% ???
@_izzytweets @jojomulonas you don’t... you accept the fact that all this data is true and get over it
@wonderfulpasta @ArianaAmourship CLOSE TO ME by ELLIE GOULDING / DIPLO / SWAE LEE is playing in a few mins on HOT 1… https://t.co/FbgRHAGrMY
RT @LosoLFC: Man just lost £16 mill and look at his smile. God, I’ve seen what you’ve done for others, I’m ready. https://t.co/JFsDnD2Luv
RT @dvlmerve42: Frida Kahlo'nun şu sözleri sanki beni anlatıyor; “Çok karışığım. Bir yanım olabildiğince huzursuz ve yorgun. Diğer… https://t.co/K0RZz0cphE
RT @jojomulonas: just gonna throw this out there for anyone that forgot https://t.co/U2fN3iX1IK
RT @KontikiDave: @TravelEsquire @KontikiDave THIS IS REALLY FUN CHECK IT OUT EVERYONE! ALOHA! @BigotBeGone2 YOU ARE #1 KATE!… https://t.co/g13MKXvw1V
RT @bururbrot: 2019 пока хороший год матч идёт 13 минут, а Далера не уронили #ЗенитЛоко
@memetiddies This is disrespectful to Ellie
RT @RRichWords: jim pulled his beard; the last time he had a bare chin. LJs first haircut. the deal Ellie had cut (ha ha) with the… https://t.co/4CTX3TJ39X