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I worked at Paxton Carnegie for 3 yrs, and we had so many regulars. Libraries provide computer access! Books and mo… https://t.co/uhKFIlqy02
RT @KristaKarlson: "When was the last time anyone asked a male celebrity when he planned to impregnate someone, or whether he’s had a… https://t.co/jrYQhmQBur
Wolinski! Des dessins qui tombent à pic. Les Falaises Maryse Wolinski et Élisabeth Roudinesco Entretien Média TV5M… https://t.co/Z3F0uEPIWF
RT @StylistMagazine: “How dare some old guy dictate what I can and can’t do when it comes to motherhood or my own body?” says… https://t.co/JLFXLokWYw
RT @dose: Margot Robbie, who’s currently working on 10 different films, just said in an interview that she’s tired of getting… https://t.co/7hWfGreKSy
RT @voguemagazine: "I got married and the first question in almost every interview is 'Babies? When are you having one?' I'm so angry… https://t.co/UZZgH1GV86
RT @SamSam94290: Le vacarme continu des avions au dessus de nos villes, de nos habitations, de nos écoles nous fait perdre 29 mois d… https://t.co/cFnbeDskTx
Thankful for Duo Geminiani to release this recording and the ONLY recording that is available online. Btw Stanley R… https://t.co/f5Fu3tFJTM
RT @johncusack: Not hating on her - but this is more than fair - to not examine her record as prosecutor would be nuts https://t.co/wyDkuuEmMT
RT @peterbakernyt: The Trump administration likely separated thousands more children from their parents at the Southern border than wa… https://t.co/T00e2I0MjE
RT @NYGovCuomo: This shocks the conscience. We thought this dark stain on our nation’s history could not be any worse – and we were… https://t.co/x4eErf5hEq
RT @flitedocnm: No words for how disgusting, awful and absolutely inexcusable this is. This, all by itself, is more than enough rea… https://t.co/MiybWvk03I
Family Life Birth Death and the Whole Damn Thing Elisabeth Luard: Not everyone keeps an eagle owl in the spare bedr… https://t.co/l4KarduyOP