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RT @aelfblockchain: $ELF now is tradable against BTC, ETH & USD on @bitfinex https://t.co/jLnp7BUNpz https://t.co/aMvNBXGLlE… https://t.co/2AcCV80fml
Pabuhat din 55kgs lang naman ako veh 😂 https://t.co/T2zn3RWZ4I
@Newsweek ...you mean, how he looks like the High Elf race from Skyrim? Is that the link to video games?
@jiihn_ kick flips in here as elrond being an elf makes me feel so powerful
RT @ArchangelLight7: We watched And waited Under the moon Hoping you’re safe And come home soon We heard howls Of pain from a far Guns… https://t.co/TzQcb51OVF
RT @aelfblockchain: Alphabit Fund Reveals 'ELF' as Cryptocurrency Pick for 2018 https://t.co/rlCozBTRtu @YahooFinance
RT @MastersMich: #cumbriahour i recommend @social_elf for great help with your social media
RT @Pete_cryptofan: $TRON FREE GIVEAWAY! LAST CHANCE! I‘ll give 1500 $TRX tomkrrow, February 20! FOLLOW and RETWEET for a chance to… https://t.co/aoMjQgU8Gy
RT @martijnheeroma: De VVD heeft in 2017 met elf politici opnieuw de meeste affaires achter haar naam https://t.co/wrO596hoed #pvv
Acho que vou falar isso toda semana, mAS O FINAL DO EPISÓDIOS DE VIOLET PQP EU TÔ TÃO TRISTE PARA DE SER O ANIME MA… https://t.co/EalJZkQ783
RT @petithae: não pode stanear idol com mais de 29 anos e não pode ser elf como podemos agradar os ícones do twitter que inventam as regras no kpop
RT @CryptoGodFatha: 😴 Before I sleep.. Let me leave you with my list of coins which in 6 months will be called the "Damn! 6 Months Ag… https://t.co/zSKTZnUZ9U
Setiap kali SJ berteriak: “Uri Neun SUPER JUNI-O-YE-YO”, aku suka bagaimana ELFs langsung menjawab: “Uri Neun ELF-O-YE- YO!”
ايوا بالله ولا عليك امر اطلعي وقفلي وراك ☺️ https://t.co/dsEfYQGqom
RT @chickdrummer88: Wanted to finish up downloading the @Rainbow6Game TTS before starting up. Stream is live! Trying to get that rep fo… https://t.co/z6ufl5pnwQ
RT @pattsuans: do u ever think abt the fact that dio spends like 80% of stardust crusaders naked and in shadow for sexy dramatic e… https://t.co/ojGLbzt82p