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RT @utepnews: UTEP has achieved a research milestone - elevation to the R1 top tier level in the Carnegie Classification of Insti… https://t.co/jmWaDXV2RW
Looking for scenic views on foot? Located near the town of Kelly, WY you'll find 120 million year old siltstone and… https://t.co/M7nRh2xXR3
Yes bjp was fooled by congress which dissented at verma’s Appointment and they dissenting now real after his remova… https://t.co/OVfpUEyUxN
10 thirst trap photos from Elevation Ski Weeks Utah, Mammoth and Tremblant https://t.co/i3FkRQ5jV1 https://t.co/OpP4rdsvpe
Did you have an islander wake you up in a park at 6AM this morning to make sure you were alive? It’s been a tough 1… https://t.co/wsrLPnOsOo
Thank God for elevation 🤞🏽
RT @Aabekosar: Welcome to #MoolaChotok, situated approximately 80km north-east of #Khuzdar at an elevation of 1,237 metres, surrou… https://t.co/vUW61gqRwf
@hxtpmufc @ten20_ @Zack2TheFuture_ @ufc Also that was at like 7000 ft elevation.
Schedule 8PM: Elevation C - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Film Score with @Valentine_Wolfe cont. D - That's Just Wron… https://t.co/9UY47piTNh
RT @YourFavvBaddie: I realized that sometimes you gotta go broke, lose your closest friends, and lose the person you thought you loved… https://t.co/KH5qHM08xu
RT @HuizerJanita: Join me at Beyond The Stars Elevation, where likeminded individuals come to form a community of dream chasers & tho… https://t.co/X2LLsQJt3q
Thanks Casey @KI7UNJ for confirmation of DN04. Remaining 5 grids of the 488 are CM79, DN01, DN15, DN48 & DN57. Lo… https://t.co/yJaG43s2mI
RT @bexmader: My ankle is on the mend! Lots of ice, wrapping and elevation is doing the trick! Thank you for all the get well messages💚😘
5 of 5 stars to Elevation by Stephen King https://t.co/MouCs3UJOL
Informative #WineTasting Flight Now at #Perrys Steakhouse. Find out & taste how elevation affects grape characteris… https://t.co/fyok2C8VVH
Informative #WineTasting Flight Now at #Perrys Steakhouse. Find out & taste how elevation affects grape characteris… https://t.co/KWQkkvv62r
thank you to @BenMkWrites and @Elevation_Pics for the advance screening of @TheUpsideFilm which was so enjoyable, a… https://t.co/3U5iGNCXCX
Il Y'a des pêchers que nous PRECHONS qu'on devrai même tarder dessus ! Car CE SONT DES CHOSE BASIQUE cela nous fai… https://t.co/tWE7z18npG
RT @ndtv: Justices Dinesh Maheshwari, Sanjiv Khanna named for top court elevation https://t.co/z7z3A8hVaF https://t.co/M4KLkUptIC
Sneak Peek! The all new “Deborah” floorplan will be released for sale starting next week. This one is with our “Ele… https://t.co/2xrOWkxEP3
RT @StormchaserUKEU: Beautiful snowy morning in Cansano, #Italy at 835m elevation this morning 4th January. Video; @marko_maffei thanks;… https://t.co/wvW9ANfTJ6
Coffman on Robert Orsi's remarks about disgust in history of abuse crisis: "I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable w… https://t.co/NrQ842fDwn