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@corbydavidson I wish they would bring back public execution and make it a pay per view event. And the money would… https://t.co/BfugtqSQoj
RT @RiyadhReport: More than 9,000 electric and manual vehicles in the Holy Mosque for free to guests of the House of God. .… https://t.co/Av56wEl1kE
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RT @Sebastian_mej1a: Kid Cudi dancing drunk to electric feel is the greatest Coachella moment ever https://t.co/sKJX7lp4RO
@pv_reynolds 2. A labour free, electric, highly utilised vehicle where a fleet operator can consolidate cleaning an… https://t.co/3BfPnhr5EK
I’m not sure if I can get behind electric cars with no engine noise. It’s as if the soul of the vehicle is stripped… https://t.co/9kqB6SFub5
【小寺信良の週刊 Electric Zooma!】“次の世界”感がものすごい!「Oculus Go」で動画観賞三昧-AV Watch https://t.co/BGEMZyozyY @avwatchから 小寺レビューが実施された… https://t.co/tBcCLVYqyf
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@BAKKOOONN did you know when electric eels discharge electricity they also zap themselves pretty badly in the proce… https://t.co/fQvZ3GetMg
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RT @Feltern: Classic cars converted to run electric motors: #awesome or #notawesome (talking about rescuing something about to… https://t.co/kGKgSLzpTR
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RT @NameRedacted7: The *ONE AND ONLY WAY* the ENSURE it does not happen again is to punish the guilty harshly. We sent the rosenbergs… https://t.co/Poxdj7vWUF
RT @doctorzeolla: En las Fobias Sociales,se aúnan dos sentimientos, Subvaloración Propia. Valoración Hipercrítica de los otros.
RT @swamv39: So @sudhirchaudhary wants Delhi, West Bengal and Punjab CM to reduce VAT on Petrol. Doesn't mention BJP CMs names.… https://t.co/ssFkKbqka5
RT @SteveNews8: A stunned councilwoman @LorieZapf talks to @CBS8 after her emergency ordinance banning electric scooters from board… https://t.co/3g4XVEW6pl
RT @swrv_zach: There’s no one else I’d rather spend 3 days under the electric sky with 🎆 I love you K lal ❤️ https://t.co/KbqVK219nn
What happens to the iconic American gas station as consumers embrace electric vehicles? A look at the challenges a… https://t.co/vjSApQPGUm
@TrustMyFury «added smoothly, after settling his laughter. The anxiety was still pooling cool and electric in his b… https://t.co/BWt2Aqkk3q
But the Bedouin they brought out the electric camel drum. The local guitar picker got his guitar picking thumb. #RockTheCasbah #TheClash