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@ATAindigenous Inspiring day with lead teachers from Elk Island Catholic Schools. Grateful to be guided by the wi… https://t.co/9VtZtmnv9u
Make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius. ~J. Addison
@PremierWynne Better deal with senior's homes' elder abuse before the election. Many of us have no choice but to ha… https://t.co/f9bDjg74wN
RT @AdelaideKBrazil: Adelaide está novamente ao vivo no twitch. Ela agora está jogando 'T'he Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Acompanhe:… https://t.co/lWHpm7JLtw
@ofuro46 んおー!フォローありがとうございます! フォロバしました!ぜひ一緒に狩りいきましょー!(*゚∀゚*)
RT @JonRothstein: Pinnacle Bank Arena. Underrated.
@Nargaruga_327 そんな勢いで∑(゚Д゚)笑 早くG級に上がって、見てみたいです…笑
@MasakoX Also: some of the blame for his lack of growth in Super's story have to fall on Elder Kai. He should (and… https://t.co/MzukWITLnQ
'This is torture': Ottawa elder abuse case part of rising incidence of mistreatment in long-term care homes https://t.co/xmF7LF6Hc6
RT @choushimaru_fan: \銚子丸からプレゼント🎁/ 銚子丸Twitterをフォロー&リツイート!!で 抽選で3名様に銚子丸お食事券10,000円分、10名様に「せとか」が当たる!! 1/28(日)までです!! #銚子丸 https://t.co/fnarnM1dfF
About to go fight scary elder dragon, I would ask for luck but @desire_sensor is listening #MHWorld
@bumprfm いえいえー! フォローしちゃいましたぜぐへへ…_(:3 」∠)_笑
@aevanko Cant beat him yet but it's become my favourite elder dragon.
私が今更プレイしてる The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrimはこういうゲームです(ウソ https://t.co/eyAyKQoJUp
@rayrayray04 こにらこそ、ありがとうございますー! ぜひぜひ!一緒に狩りいきましょー!(*゚∀゚*)
Veré a más de uno siendo fan de elder dyan ahora que esta rolando....¡sí! esos mismos que lloraron a martin y solo se sabían el látigo.
@jacobjporte108 @GailWalden6 Disrespecting an elder… who raised you ?? https://t.co/1Cg7SG4RhN
From elder to youngest of my nephews and nieces.. 😊😍😘💟❣ MIA:… https://t.co/HxMGQsacFs
Retweeted Larry Elder (@larryelder): Larry Elder: “Under The New Trump Standard, Why Wasn’t Obama Impeached?”... https://t.co/LinKeajaXR
RT @larryelder: Larry Elder: “Under The New Trump Standard, Why Wasn’t Obama Impeached?” https://t.co/JfoCJHL68R
RT @Abdinoorx2: RT if you were born with these natural instincts https://t.co/lBHrc4PsWk