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RT @qdrogameu: reciprocidade hoje em dia é raro porque o povo prioriza mais a disputa de ego do que ficar bem c a pessoa q cê gosta
RT @Sergiobuchmann: Quando o seu ego não existir mais, só então você irá saber quem você é.
RT @staydontstray: I tried my very best. I put my ego and pride aside. what else is enough to make it better?
LAS CONQUISTAS DEL EGO, han dejado clara evidencia en la historia de la humanidad de nuestra cruel manipulación, traición y destrucción
@eddie_vdj @girishalva @ragiing_bull @Musica_speaks how cm dignity & self respect cm in d way f women's equal rights? only Ego does
she's pretending like she don't miss you. you're pretending like you don't care. ego is a hell of a drug.
@GNellieNL It wasn't a sporting match, & Trump is not your 'team'. Your ego will soon have to be propped up by some other means. I pity you.
RT @LOLGOP: So we'll have president with an ego so frail that on the day he's named Person of the Year, he'll start a Twitter war with a guy named Chuck
RT @DevilryFun: Be kind to others by cutting back an overgrown ego.
RT @txxmy: Org kata ego lelaki tinggi but a womans ego when shes hurt/tawar hati/tired of everything beats all da mens ego combined #7HariMencintaiku
Presume thine companys alter ego interlacement towards irritate mightiness: OKwleG
@Lin_Manuel managed to capture my ego in song form with "You're Welcome" from Moana
RT @hazza_whores: Przysięgam, że spadłabym z tych ruchomych schodów, gdybym to ja zobaczyła Harry'ego.
les mecs et leurs égo aussi gros que leurs michtos là aussi mais mdr
RT @15_minut: На«суде»противЧийгозавкачестве«доказательств»рассматривали видеозаписи, снятые после событий,вкоторыхегообвиняют
I'm really starting to miss my old friends but you see, "praan jaaye par mera ego na jaaye".
RT @aaxloz: Me avisa cuando se vaya su ego.
Your opinion is nothing but your POV. It is not necessarily true, your opinion comes from your beliefs, your own ego, and your own dream.
RT @sjlopezb_es: Más que nunca, utilicemos nuestro ego para todo. #NiUnSuicidioMasEnFFCCSEYFAS FORMAROS #TT. ¡VENGA!
RT @emerkita: sax奏者篠田昌已さんが亡くなって明日で24年。最近「ここに篠田さんが入ってたら面白いかも」と思う場面がよくある。例えば先日のEGO-WRAPPIN'武道館。清水一登さんに加えて武嶋くん・ゴセッキー・篠田さんの3木管なんて、観たいね〜と、普通に想像していた。寂しいもんですね。
RT @Bolin_Doug: Looking for to3 IW PS4 AR Slayer Pro point ladder only Will drop numbers No ego NA @DNR_CREW @NightRTs @zimisss
RT @kidjonesbabyyy: NEW SINGLE/VIDEO COMIN SOON... (📽: @Rogue_Ego ) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥