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Aren't they cute? Hahaha and yes you can strike my ego. That's fine lol.
RT @CestLaVie_I_: Son tan dinosaurios q creen q como al rosado lo relacionan con lo femenino, decirnos"pink"nos va a doler como a su ego machista les dolería.
Want a More Creative Team? Start by Taming Your Own Ego.
RT @IyanlaVanzant: Mediation is the art of stilling the mind. Learning how to be rather than what to do results in stillness of the ego.
@CLKovelda @ArchambeaultD @spanishidol88 you fuckin crack me up 😂😂😂I needed that ! Omg! 😂😂thankyou! . It's a macho bigheaded ego thing!
RT @johnjwillard: Keep Going "I can walk into any #yoga studio in the world, within a breath or first words spoken, reveal and expose the massive trance #Ego"
RT @Rishiji: Apology does not mean that you are wrong and the other is right. It means that you value the relationship more than…
I liked a @YouTube video from @Lana_Inspired 💫⚜️Ergo the Ego! ⚜️💫
RT @norhafiz_azmi: Jangan kerana ego dan perkara kecil, persahabatan yang telah terbina bertahun-tahun tu hancur. Allah tak suka akan perpecahan.
RT @vanessahadlock: Hi my name is dirty wolf alumni and I still worry about high school football because I peaked and I like to boost my ego HUUHHHH
RT @amrfrs: 'Saya minta maaf' Ayat yg paling susah nak sebut bila ego da mencanak-canak
RT @topislamictwit: Ego was like, " Dia buat aku macamtu so aku pun boleh buat macam tu jugak dekat dia. " Please, dont let ego control your feeling. 😔
talvez eu seja somente um adolescente mimado que nao sabe lidar com o propriio ego
RT @meduzaproject: А теперь к важнейшим международным новостям
RT @DN_Thakur_Ji: Respect each other, ignore mistakes and avoid ego. RADHE RADHE
Bruh, I saw ur post & thought, "Can I deflate that ego?" so...I baked this just for you 🍪
RT @brandynburnette: Last time I check life was supposed to be all about loving people. Not having an ego, spreading hate, talking shit or being an online troll.
@RazoTBE does that 24hr kid still have an ego for killing nameless in a pro point match
@Tuitzilopochtli Ya se te subió el ego desde que eres un artista famoso deidad.
RT @tikhondzyadko: Красиво Журналистов, уличивших Маркина в плагиате из своих статей, не аккредитовали на презентацию его новой книги
RT @Positivevibe101: Distance yourself from: 1 cynics 2 negative attitudes 3 hate 4 prejudice 5 ego 6 trolls 7 bullies 8 clutter 9 self-doubt 10 greed
RT @iamjtek: Never let your ego get in the way
RT @eb0nyporn: Hate me, it feeds my ego