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RT @TingzHawaiian: You're more scared of swimming in lakes and rivers than in the ocean where sharks and eels swim freely.
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The #blueandgold headed out to Rouse Hill PS to take part in the annual League Tag day! Photos:…
@Heraldeel Oh wow, you're an eel? I've never met an eel before. Do you guys eat lettuce? I'm a bunny! #bunnylife #eels
eels: sorry amber cole: i'm not sorry. do you even KNOW the bullshit amber has put me through
RT @CollecteDeZozie: Eels, I have a spare day 1 ticket (15th Dec) for #TeamH #Monologue at Yoyogi, is anyone looking? Also, still looking for a day 2 ticket pls!
can eels and apples overthrow each other
@Alas_Babyl0n @foalpapers "Something something eels / something something hovercrafts..."
RT @yongqingfu3: Good morning all my dear eels , friends ! happy nice day !
#NowPlaying @ 20:08:14 ET: "Parallels" by Eels from "The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett" (2014)
eels "pulsating asscheek" harley
E" ooo it's one of those sea eels. You know those flappy gray motherfuckers". Me " stingrays?" Elizabeth "yeah those"
"that's his secret. i sounded great to think of over a favorite eels song of mine."
RT @TommyPickles276: Why isn't Eels and Escalators a real board game yet? Somebody should get on that.
Cooking Eels, Cambodia Food, How to kill and Cooking Eels
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my snowmobile is profuse with hairtail!