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@MP_Honduras Edwin Abigail! Con razón el maje era delincuente con ese nombre
RT @crossy72_: £4 for a bottle of echo falls is money well spent if you ask me
RT @Raphael95_ADS: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/ZeSfl58ETk
RT @edroso: And here our troubles began. https://t.co/zdBxPAZ3og
RT @SuperAlexzay: En una vivienda en el barrio La Guamita el CICPC Captura a Cuatro HAMPONES que BACHAQUEABAN con insumos medicos RO… https://t.co/MniOkZDCh4
RT @PRETTYMUCHCrew: A fan spoke to Edwin at the Teen Choice Awards and told her that VIP will be approximately $60!
RT @edroso: Jonah Goldberg is shaking his head and muttering, "wish I'd thought of that." https://t.co/pdJOVbaWKy
RT @___coraliz: Yo: Ay, ¿cómo hay gente que come muslos de pollo? Fatal. Edwin: Pues, hay gente que come crica. ¡Imagínate! ME AHOGUÉ JAJAJAJAA
Edwin Encarnación en lista de inactivos - https://t.co/nU4ads9mdx
@elchiringuitotv @Edwin_Congo Dembéle no, pero Vinicius si verdad papasito?
RT @cefeche: Les comparto la última edición de #EstaSemana con la entrevista al padre Edwin Román de Masaya, el análisis de la C… https://t.co/6Y6nOSY2vb
RT @moodspaces: Marrakesh, Morocco. From the archives. (2009) Photo by Edwin de Jongh https://t.co/WL6NQlMP56
RT @citinewsroomgh: The Auditor General, Daniel Yaw Domelovo is advocating for the decentralization of the public payroll system to bet… https://t.co/ibMQzqnDEb
@Edwin_Honoret please tell me you did actual research and didn’t just try to impulse but a snake
Sino mas pipiliin mo Manuel O Sam O Edwin? Yung totoong sagot — AH? Hakdog joke yung MAMA MO talaga par crush ko https://t.co/BzmMfVEesM
RT @kikinuame: Church is getting filled with more activities and less of The word ☹️
@itinerantwizard Yeah I don’t have Leeroy but I put two 3-1 charge minions in. The Wolfrider is it? And it’s a good… https://t.co/dTFEQ3gSrR