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@lenfinsbury @80s_Kidz why does Edward Woodward have so many d's in his name? Cos if he didn't he'd be....
Hey @realmadrid, got the password for PDF? In case of emergency contact: Edward Woodward. @ManUtd @D_DeGea
@sheenpeso @vincentdonofrio In the beginning he was just an ordinary villain, and no match for Edward Woodward. https://t.co/r8Bwm3uLyB
@CaptMikeYates @theoldbatsman Ah! The much missed and underrated Edward Woodward.
@biolakazeem Tell them oooo, tell the critics of Edward woodward
Well done Sir Edward #Woodward for the early summer signings... #MUFC #DeadlineDay #TransferDeadlineDay
Edward Woodward but I'm not that Edward. https://t.co/8dsrFfQAQh
@E4tMeDr1nkMe Weren't that a series featuring Edward Woodward?
@GylesB1 Said the casting director "Who could play this part?" The Assistant replied "Edward Woodward would". (RIP) https://t.co/dVR7nJDhsg
Must be Edward Woodward "@_DarkAlin: @sirberry someone threatened them I'm sure"
@dngerousorigami oh Nick Cage. You're no Edward Woodward.
@baconmanlives Yeah, it would have been a bit OTT if they had him doing the whole Edward Woodward thing...
@footymac Edward Woodward was .... "Croydon-born star"
The Equalizer - Season One, Good DVD, Edward Woodward, Sandy Dennis, https://t.co/PU4kSLca5f https://t.co/mOvMHvFPlw
Edward Woodward is not amused at this isles shenanigans. #thewickerman
@ColinMurray surely Edward Woodward would sort Ed Wood a Man U ticket?
@dungra Lol! My gran lived in a cottage there. It was very remote and overlooked the sea at the spot where they set fire to Edward Woodward!
@russty_russ @transdiffusion Looking at that younger image of Edward Woodward, Daniel Craig would make an excellent Callan.
Edward Woodward that. #mufc 🔴⚪🔴⚪ https://t.co/kNQAXigASi
Codename Kyril VHS 1988 by Ian Sharp w Edward Woodward, Ian Charleson https://t.co/9uFqxZQ9O9 https://t.co/YYhX1QOcGg
THE EQUALIZER (EDWARD WOODWARD) 4 x 6 PHOTO.. (FREE SHIP;) https://t.co/7c9TtzNkxb https://t.co/CZEY8SKHcV
RT @Coombsy101010: The Wicker Man. Such a classic movie. Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward & Britt Ekland. #movies https://t.co/e3Eir0VnLC
"1990" A show staring Edward Woodward, where there are no human rights & total surveillance is the norm https://t.co/OBn0L6Mpmc