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RT @BJebese: @tboseZA oh man, Jon B - Pride & Joy, another hit produced by Kenny Babyface Edmonds #Touchofsoul
RT @ellawilsonferry: Upset cos my funds don’t match the lifestyle I wanna live
RT @davidyelland: I can attest, as a former tabloid editor, that Boris Johnson knew precisely what he was doing in his nasty, appalli… https://t.co/gGogr6q7kn
RT @women4PV: The Times reports that consumers are “facing the tightest financial squeeze in a generation." With the fall of the… https://t.co/y79sPOBoDw
RT @TroyNoBolton_: Handstand with a perfect landing 11/10 https://t.co/DCVoVgUzN2
RT @georgeeaton: Today's GDP figures confirm Britain's economic weakness: 1. The economy has grown below 0.5 per cent for six consec… https://t.co/jDeXPo8SGL
The NRA & the Second Amendment Foundation have both filed a suit against Edmonds, WA. - The city has violated the s… https://t.co/8yRdaFWgT4
RT @umm_abdillah114: I was called a "f*****g letter box" by some lady in Parsons Green. Told her to "try posting a letter and see what happens" 😂
RT @sinseriously: @mesbushra @HashashinTag Ok wait I thought Boris was a reality tv star not an actual politician
@Fozzie_EFC @Coldwar_Steve Noel Edmonds looks pissed
RT @georgeeaton: 2. The UK manufacturing sector is now officially *in recession* and the trade deficit has widened from £4.7bn to £8… https://t.co/cNyW5Ipk7v
RT @ChukaUmunna: Over 600,000 people have now signed the @Independent's #FinalSay Petition supporting a People's Vote on the Brexit… https://t.co/HozOsjNwvl
RT @f_grovewhite: Our new poll with YouGov shows 45% of the public support a #PeoplesVote on the outcome of negotiations, with only 3… https://t.co/Whk5VI08fh
You'll do more GOOD if you aim to SERVE more than you aim to PLEASE. -Chris Edmonds
RT @nickreeves9876: Let's hold Dominic Raab responsible for the DExEU responding to a petition with the lie that the referendum result… https://t.co/mFhbtbSoK1
@SirWilliamD @larrymeath Keep up the fight. If we can get the vote, Remain will win. Fight for the #PeoplesVote
RT @SirWilliamD: ...and this is what Brexit voters say they want out of Brexit. Read it and weep. https://t.co/igLvvNreNs
RT @mrs_murrell: SRO Reece knows the best way to keep students safe. Build positive relationships and build trust. Our campus is ble… https://t.co/tTOgXMe9ly
RT @OFOCBrexit: 82% of young people want to stay @BBC. RT if you agree it would be a democratic disgrace if we don’t have a… https://t.co/qa7umB3mCY
RT @peoplesvote_hq: The momentum for our campaign is growing - ahead of our #PeoplesVoteSW rally this weekend, a clear margin of voters… https://t.co/Vmj2F0chD5
RT @EuroBabble: The #regrexit movement has been gaining momentum recently, after multiple high profile cabinet resignations in the… https://t.co/i9aGGvsFSF
@SPD2212 @jeremycorbyn Remembering him hiding behind a door from the media early on.