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RT @gmacofglebe: Trump tweet calling to scrap Boeing order temporarily knocks $1B off stock market value: https://t.co/h7ezLKFWSH
RT @EdmBayArea: So who wants these EDC tickets? Rt this tweet! https://t.co/LLCrzHQjIq
RT @EDC_Events: As the #Cdnecon continues to be everything but predictable, gain insights from @PeterGHallXIII during Dec. 7 webinar https://t.co/nN9UCCHeHs
So lit for EDC tho. Bout to be a great adventure
https://t.co/GWHKIxxHk0 for EDC Gear. Marine major who warned of danger before insider attack wins court case … https://t.co/LAoOiqdOed
My girlfriend really bought me an edc ticket wtf
RT @EDCtweets: How can students best extend their own thinking & solve complex problems? Simple answer, says EDC's Malyn Smith:… https://t.co/w3vd2kDIR4
Srsly can't wait for EDC
RT @JuddLegum: Actual details of Carrier deal finally released: 1. 1253 factory jobs moving to Mexico 2. 730 jobs staying in Indianapolis
RT @NeomusicMEX: Estamos más que listos para recibir EDC en México ❤️ https://t.co/Hed5TCYiqs