Is Drowsy-Driving increasing because you feel safe in your car like a baby? #snorer
RT @Realistic_Rida: You are not a standard scale to measure my goodness or badness ! I'm good or not its none of ur business :)
Holland is shaping up to be a surprise beneficiary of Brexit - Business Insider UK
Holland is shaping up to be a surprise beneficiary of Brexit - Business Insider UK
RT @TaurusIsMagic: #Taurus's is the zodiac 'gangsta' quiet, shy, help you, don't share pain, don't smile for no reason, and mind they're own business.
RT @watanabe_yumiko: 『マイマイ新子と千年の魔法』で片渕監督を取材した時の記事。「一人で仕方ないとあきらめてしまう前に、もっと『仲間』を見つけるべきなのかなあ、と思います」。『この世界の片隅に』SNS拡散というのは、元は「仲間づくり」から始まったのかも
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RT @dannii1203: People need to mind their own business
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@NewEngland1Hi Guys! Thank you so much for your kind words, Of course we'll keep you updated. Hope business is going well for you? #Gosforth
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