Eco Alternative Energy energy is energy generated from nature resources such as sunlight, water, wind. This energy is called as green power because it doesn't pollute the nature while usage nor producing. The fossil fuels supplies are going to perish people are realizing now to maintain those fossil fuels for their next generation.New initiatives aimed at encouraging people to personally to use greener technologies and to limit the amount of energy they use in their properties. United States are relying on domestic sources of energy, which will eventually eliminate their need for oil or slow the growth of their consumption.Wind Energy - Produced by using wind power used to run the wind turbines.Solar Energy - Produced by collecting energy from the sunlight using photovoltaic solar cells.Water Power - Energy in the water present in the form of kinetic energy is converted using mechanical equipment.Bio Fuel - Bio diesel or vegetable oil are known as ethanol fuel can be used in diesel vehicles.Bio Gas - Produced from current waste streams such aas paper production, sugar production, animal waste and sewage.

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