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数年前にTwitterやってた頃買ったechofon pro使ってる
AndroidとiOSとの双方で使えるtwitterクライアントを探してる。 まずは、echofonを試す。
@Konventionen funkade ej från echofon :/ De har slutat hänga med i Twitters funktioner.
Wenn man "parallel" mit Apps von @echofon und @Twitter durch die Timeline scrollt, ist das Delta schon verstörend. Dann lieber @echofon !
Diritwit juga deng, dafuq notif Echofon nya gak bunyi. Pfffttt
@echofon please stop forcing your theme to be dark. Why give me the other option if you force it to be dark? What is wrong with you people?
@kawanagare1024 アンケート機能がいらんのやったらEchofonオススメ!
Screw iPhone twitter app, echofon works way better!
@aestheticalfool no like I've moved to echofon, it's working so much better!
@WatchfulKeeper @Corvidaex @EquivocalVitue (Using Echofon for twitter. Hoping to see if this app lasts. Will do replies this weekend!)
Its 2017 @echofon , why am i not able to mute people's rt's yet?
I'd download Echofon just for twitlonger. But the play store no longer has is from last time I checked
(Sorry. I have had to tweak my iPhone. I'm thinking of going with either Tweetcaster or Echofon on my phone for Twitter. But not sure yet.)
RT @isocchii: ツイッター(Echofon)のトレンドを大阪に設定してるんだけど、野津田がトレンド入りしてる。ちょっと嬉しかったり。
@domossu Wow, really? Dang, that sucks. It's been so long since I've used Twitter on iOS.... Echofon?? Tweetbot?
@echofon #echofon. Another bug difficulty using photo stream Whts up?
@averita_ I could keep the twitter app to receive notifications and use echofon to go through my TL
No me gustó echofon.
Qué es echofon
Solo encontré echofon.
@averita_ how is echofon? Pretty similar to twitter?
I hit the Echofon icon by accident for the second time in as many weeks. I tweeted AGAIN.