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@echofon hey, idk if it's the app but I don't get my notifications (banner) right away. They come in hours later.
@echofon keep getting a login failed error when I try to hook pocket though I know I'm entering the right credentials. Is this a known bug?
@DulcetImperil I didn't like Echofon, the TL refresh wait pissed me off.
How RT @danni_winn: Echofon app! RT @HKL23: How do u know what we tweet and you don't follow us?
Echofon app! RT @HKL23: How do u know what we tweet and you don't follow us?
@echofon Please reset me on your servers
@deolujames 😭😭 na to port to echofon or tweetlogix be that
So I have uninstalled and reinstalled the @echofon app for the third time. Let's see if I get any notifications
I am fed up of not getting alerts from @echofon when I get a mention!!! Have had to reinstall the app twice and still nothing
Hey @echofon any reason I don't get notifications of quotes? Like in my mentions?
Thinking about getting an iPhone just for echofon and other things i like. Doesn't have to be the 7. 🤔🤔🤔 still keeping my S7 though
u Spose to use echofon or twitter app cause echofon makin me dizzy n tidal suck cause i can't spell good n they can't either i guess
@koganuts @echofon @twitter excellent advice, I will look it up. Thank you!
Does he R'in work for echofon users?
I'm sick of people looking at my Twitter app asking what it is, I have echofon & I love it. The end.
@echofon I can't watch this fix it!! RT @NFL: Luuuuuuuuke 💪 "I almost missed him." #tbt #SoundFX #SB50
Echofon been trippin with my notifications tho😒
Since @echofon's notifications are broken I've been using the Twitter ones and they sure like keeping me updated
@a_vargas cuz you on echofon. Only works on native Twitter app
@tadzSOcrucial @coolJane_ done. Its a group DM, so idk if the Echofon app supports it
@echofon notifications not working here
@leerayl not sure if it's compatible, but i've always used echofon for my twitterings.
Why my notifications don't come up on echofon app? That's irritating