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My day at work: Get mac & cheese out of fridge. Put it in microwave. Microwave doesn't work. Pull mac & cheese out… https://t.co/e103kgJeps
RT @Marytho20: @DanCardenMP @georgegalloway I work for the citizens advice bureau and this is definitely not an isolated case some… https://t.co/8ajdJ08uBm
had work on the streets pumping right out the WHite House............ https://t.co/ZJi07NZmtl
So glad I cleaned tf out my apartment yesterday so I can relax when I get off work
RT @yescene: Everything is going to work out for you InshaAllah.
LD3 just smooched her little nose deep into a bunch of peanut butter...now it's stuck up in her nostrils. She's goi… https://t.co/jbQIyMSQNZ
RT @InchesOff: What you visualize determines the direction of your LIFE. Instead of wasting energy focusing on what didn’t work o… https://t.co/Igoy52qKQy
RT @SweetTooth_LA: Anyone can stay in your life when shit is all easy but who’s gonna sit there when shit gets real? Who’s gonna call… https://t.co/ueydsv3mZ4
RT @MaddowBlog: "The two-page summary fleshes out three categories of accusations — prescription drug misuse, hostile work environm… https://t.co/RXAajMiHVO
RT @hopbin: #DUP finally work out they will be traded for a deal. Justice, since they sold our #EU citizenship for £1bn. The fi… https://t.co/IM1R6A3WZ2
so... when things will finally decide to work out for me? im just curious
Hey local friends! Check out this event scheduled for next Thursday. Reach is showing a film that brings awareness… https://t.co/LGPXmcLJ30
a few weeks ago i went on a date with a girl who i thought was way too cute to have any business talking to me but… https://t.co/yU4aQB3l6l
@Dough_nut81 @aliceross2 @aliceross22 FAB news about Frost 💕🐶 he sounds well on the road to recovery-YAY😀 (+I've be… https://t.co/pJefEnEJwZ
RT @Shambles151: @irisstylosa @bbclaurak BBC have gotten over 4 bloody weeks of anti-Corbyn mileage out of a non-story and now want… https://t.co/dntYDu7jgP
RT @Coach_Goncalves: Finishing up our community service project! Shipping these out to @PitchInSoftball to be donated to less fortunate… https://t.co/fV82JjKiqq
RT @Lockedonsports: Ricky Rubio is one of 10 finalists for the @nbacares Community Assist Award. His work in honor of his mother, gran… https://t.co/tHQXM0lwrl
@AshantiMichel @Mr_Alexius @SincerelyKahn LOL! I was trying to work up the nerve to say exactly this. I chickened out. Thank you, Ashanti!
RT @rapper_taetae: Since @BTS_twt will be performing their new song that is out May 18 at the BBMAs, means I-ARMY and K-ARMY need to w… https://t.co/qMmzlBJWH6
RT @RonFunches: When you walk into a restaurant that’s normally way out of your range but you gotta gift card from work. https://t.co/sWeFYMB4m4
RT @LouBell: Heroin sticks really well to the plastic banknotes, and you'll probably find a small amount on the majority of note… https://t.co/Zm3h3FML2k
RT @cmMcConnaughy: I have only personal evidence, but here’s are some suggestions people could do to support folks who might be margin… https://t.co/jE1FEm0aCP
the about of bullshit that comes out of 343 industries mouth.... fucking mess with the consumers .... we will end… https://t.co/F3fKHBGBxl
Gonna watch those video before every work out #InDueTime https://t.co/uTPMgry9IP