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RT @imajsaclaimant: During the debate on the destructive impact of work capability assessments @Debbie_abrahams read out the names of s… https://t.co/oVnJEv7PSi
@thismattjohnson @JudgeJohnCarter Thanks for taking one for the team. I registered to get out there, but could not get away from work.
RT @Gen_VKSingh: Have received complaints on power cut in Indirapuram. On checking it has come out that this is due to work for upgr… https://t.co/plEZog0S36
RT @ML_AhgaseLadies: You’re filling out an application for a job with JYPE as a personal assistant for GOT7. The final question asks u t… https://t.co/f9YhFC7KcI
RT @TheFantasticIan: A lot of love and hard, hard work went into this, and I’m still so grateful to have had a part in helping out. I ho… https://t.co/Oz9pxoxvQZ
Left work without going to the loo and I’ve had about 3000 glasses of water today will I wet myself stay tuned to find out
RT @LABLiverpool: This week, we sat down with our new residents @NSD_Creatives to chat about cooking, Kickstarter success and startin… https://t.co/2eGA0UiNuF
@ScottWartman @Enquirer This was great reporting hopefully the ladies businesses & residents can work something out… https://t.co/CmFLNspLcc
RT @mAyUrStUdIoS: @shetty_rishab Excellent Job ....My heart breaks whenever I visit govt school campus on work and feel disturbed wat… https://t.co/weSXpvRBtE
RT @ItsMyTexts: Sometimes you just need to relax and trust that things will work out Let go a little and let life happen.
@SkyeCitySeries @feral_timelord3 @beholdcosmicwav Corporations represent psychopathy in structural form. Social Dem… https://t.co/E3f5uTmCq7
THis little bitch really called out of work today!!! Bettttt bitchhh ima see you around
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: totes cool that the president of the fucking united states is cracking under the strain of multiple criminal probes… https://t.co/PIrh55asQQ
Check out the replies to Waleed in this thread, then prepare yourself for trump's re-election. I was invigorated… https://t.co/tTC4UG4uRP
Exactly one year ago, I was returning to work from lunch and my aorta tore. The pain was so bad I kept passing out… https://t.co/J3skDxJuVF
I just got annoyed out of nowhere at work with these kids 😑
RT @quirklesskid: Damn, I honestly feel like female writers in anime doesn’t get enough credit and recognition. They have put out som… https://t.co/1M6HIDg1jH
@LeafsPR @MapleLeafs Oh wow! Thanks for working your heart out for the Leafs during that last game while injured,… https://t.co/qeX45fhAVG
RT @LuvahBwoi: Somebody work out this maths fuh me please... 🤔😐 https://t.co/aoTXsWZa8C
RT @thejessicadore: Today's card. Humans have a tendency to want to be rescued from doing the work of our lives & callings & are easily… https://t.co/A4YCKLQTjp
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RT @uhhnani_: proof that right person, wrong time is a thing. we didn’t work out freshman year, broke up, grew up, & came back to… https://t.co/bTsSANfqau