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RT @bathbodyworks: Who's excited for #Easter baskets?! 🙋🙋🙋 Find the cutest little treats for your best bunny friend! https://t.co/ztnf29ORmS
FUN for Kids: Pawprint Proof the Easter Bunny Came to Your House #kids #craft https://t.co/LwRyPbbika https://t.co/2EcELiJUgB
RT @missingsleep: #win the #glutenfree and milk chocolate alternative Bow Tie Bunny FOLLOW @holland_barrett & @missingsleep & RT to e… https://t.co/2FAH7qpr8s
RT @missingsleep: #win the #glutenfree and milk chocolate alternative Bow Tie Bunny FOLLOW @holland_barrett & @missingsleep & RT to e… https://t.co/2FAH7qpr8s
Seriously - who the fuck cares what the Easter Bunny thinks. If @seanspicer had any pride whatsoever, he'd resign… https://t.co/G8jcmOwcYh
RT @evawut: Dear Easter Bunny,🐰 I'd like a large strawberry candle & a box of chocolates with the diagram to tell me what they… https://t.co/PoGYYRoeTf
The Easter Bunny hops over to #SeaportVillage starting this weekend! Click the link for dates, times and prices:… https://t.co/1aBgjYSwKE
Had to tell the orthodontist I broke half my retainer off from eating an Easter bunny
RT @thetimtracker: Moana at Easter: "I know every bunny on this island."
@niki_harman i'll let the Easter bunny know !
RT @StCharlesParks: Don't wait, register today for this SATURDAY'S, 4/1, Breakfast w/the #EasterBunny event! https://t.co/J8CX4RDdvO https://t.co/eSiemY2hx7
RT @CourtneysSweets: These Easter Bunny Rolls are so easy to make and perfect for brunch or dinner! Made from fool-proof homemade yeast…… https://t.co/6sWOgkPiNW
RT @DavidKirklandJr: My guy won? My guy didn't win shit. I would have voted the Easter Bunny over Hillary. Trump just happen to be the o… https://t.co/YrAKcTQcJm
@themaytrix23 WOW.... that's some magic beans you have there. Perhaps the leprechauns are also involved, how about Santa & Easter bunny?
Fun fact: the Easter bunny brings gifts. https://t.co/R5iL2GdPvr
RT @thesimpleparent: Start doing Letter of the Week #crafts with your #kids! B is for Bunny is adorable! #alphabet #Easter #preschool… https://t.co/zIHgmGZl9D
#PRT #Easter https://t.co/Zr9Qigsn6Z 24 Chalkboard Note Cards Easter Bunny Blank Cards Kraft https://t.co/sYDGVSdzYy
RT @intoxicat2: PSA: all chocolate eggs this easter have magical properties and WILL turn you into a fat bunny
RT @OzManofMagic: @Torbay_Hour evening all , easter bunny is available for hire Easter Sunday or monday https://t.co/z3DUvx5J48
Reply to @mflynnJR @DCPoliceDept Haven't seen a police report about the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, either, you fucking idiot.