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Who's ready to close out January and make the great decision to live at Avenue East next fall?! Be sure to check... https://t.co/iaVURlDpMA
Drama at the inauguration parade, a buring car. Looks like footage from the Middle East not DC!! Crazy.
RT @Lin_Manuel: 2009--with @LacketyLac just before going onstage at the East Room for @POTUS and performing "Alexander Hamilton" fo… https://t.co/qArInQsSR3
RT @Independent: The rise of Trump and Isis have more in common than you might think https://t.co/fQeQXJSItP
RT @enasreviews: This is an ideal book to read in the garden on a sunny afternoon @glantypowich https://t.co/UURWNzy3wu https://t.co/AgGUjQwbjx
@ebiru_esther Rivers State will suffer the most. The people here are lazy. Plus I heard today that biafra is just the South-East.
RT @Tea0cean: "Girl I should've been bombing people in the Middle East." "Girl I know girl." https://t.co/a5j6Uvs95A
LOOKING FOR AN ARTISAN CHEESE SHOP? We found one - @thebloomyrind East Nashville - 501 Gallatin Rd. - https://t.co/lrbmM3kJLU
LOOKING FOR AN ARTISAN CHEESE SHOP? We found one - @thebloomyrind East Nashville - 501 Gallatin Rd. - https://t.co/IPTdxNLjXG
@kiley_k99 @MelyssaSmiles do we really need to spend billions on defense and wars in the middle east?
RT @DolarToday: ¡EL HOMBRE NUEVO DE LA PATRIA COMUNISTA! Atacan con piedras la Catedral de Caracas -► https://t.co/fTfxWowEeb
RT @BHScanner: ROLLOVER - MULHOLLAND & JAVA DR (1/4 mile east of Beverly Glen). LAFD assignment en rte.
RT @pbpost: Trump protesters gather in West Palm, just east of Mar-a-Lago https://t.co/YlD8jmY9tr
RT @StateDevSA: Registrations for three South East Asia missions are now open. Visit https://t.co/AwpQJFDYXB for details.… https://t.co/8gs2UvwxXg
RT @wwf_uk: The UAE has outlawed the keeping of wild animals, like #lions or #tigers, as pets. https://t.co/1AqnMECnqe #wildanimals
RT @RSS_40: 🎥Footage: RuAF getting last pair of 2016's Su-34s that arrived at 277 bomber regiment (Far East) -> https://t.co/ZCfpy47EFa
RT @Wade_Turnbull: What exactly did you build? Middle East Destabilized,Death, Mass Migration, Funding destruction with Taxpayers money https://t.co/kIKE5lI3en
RT @TheLHSCA: Congratulations to the outstanding #LHSAA student-athletes that will represent the Boys' and Girls' East and West A… https://t.co/Yzf1tJHw2M
RT @tracynoe11: Looking east to the Humber Bridge this morning Taken in North Lincolnshire @LincsSkies @peter_levy @KeeleyDonovan… https://t.co/gUbPxNEJ73
RT @surfermom77: My Work Here Is Done I have achieved my goal Middle East is now the Islamic State & Europe is the new M.E America… https://t.co/9on0H2QYUg
RT @Fundavade: El 23E le demostraremos al regimen que Venezuela permanence UNIDA y que somos MAYORIA... -► https://t.co/HajOostMzV #23E
@FadingSpiral welcome to the east where roads built on top of ancient trails through forest and development occurred organically not planned
The Crescent City Connection span from the east bank to Algiers remains closed as police try to talk down a man who… https://t.co/aAnZskN64P