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RT @DolarToday: ¡FUERA DEL HILO CONSTITUCIONAL! Perú pide invocar la Carta Democrática de la OEA por crisis en Venezuela -► https://t.co/LPJ2R5Kfxj
RT @DolarToday: ¡SUELDO MININO NO ALCANZA NI PA’ LOS HUEVOS! Canasta Básica Familiar de febrero alcanzó los 922.625,39 bol... -► https://t.co/arcE02RZy0
Israel and Saudi Arabia: Strange Bedfellows in the New Middle East https://t.co/qTd8NhGHvL https://t.co/JUitDdvzE7
we're so close to winning!! vote once a day for ETSU as a top adventure college as sponsored by @ENOHammocks 🌿🏔🌻 https://t.co/ocpSEraEi6
RT @chriswilliams_: Thanks for watching east coast!! West we are coming for you at 9:30!!!!! #TheGreatIndoors https://t.co/vFcHF4IrD1
RT @notiwebon: ¡“FUE EL COMANDANTE”! El rap que desnuda al culpable de la ruina venezolana -► https://t.co/2kFjSS2xjC https://t.co/dPdpZ627E3
RT @EHanoverFPTAP: Florham Park and East Hanover rank high out of 500 NJ towns! https://t.co/WiaPPh0QKy
RT @armlx: Team @Massdrop East/West has a pair of Amonkhet Masterpieces to reveal tomorrow. Both are straight up awesome in their own way. #MTGAKH
RT @DolarToday: ¡“FUE EL COMANDANTE”! El rap que desnuda al culpable de la ruina venezolana -► https://t.co/mxRqdvPGIV https://t.co/gpwqqQcyPJ
RT @KCRG: Iowa State Patrol says a pickup heading east on Bladensburg Road failed to stop at a stop sign. https://t.co/rNLIJvunKV
@Cindtrillella lmaooo look at seeds 1-4 in the east then look under that its insane man
one step closer to that celtics winning the east money
RT @EHanoverFPTAP: In honor of a great civil servant. https://t.co/rd1mV1tI2l
About to be first seed in the east in our 3rd year of a rebuild. Best GM in the game @danielrainge
RT @brianklaas: Trump's unqualified son-in-law now in charge of: Fixing the Middle East Fixing the government's operations Fixing veterans' health care
RT @DolarToday: ¡PA'QUE SEA SERIA! Paraguay restregó a Delcy Eloína deuda de Venezuela de USD 8 millones a la OEA -► https://t.co/fNfyTExQjG
RT @RoddBaxley: BSB Final: St. Pauls 9, East Columbus 5.
feeling positive at East Avenue Medical Center https://t.co/qLW7veVcor
Comba Telecom : Builds Wireless Network for Hong Kong’s Newly Opened MTR South Island Line (East) https://t.co/PARbzRBnq8
RT @MemeslnHistory: whenever the US tries to intervene in the Middle East https://t.co/rAgbLzSnkm
RT @ETSUCampusRec: Vote for ETSU in Blue Ridge Outdoors "Top Adventure College" contest! #ETSU #CRec https://t.co/mbeapDzLnV
RT @DolarToday: ¡DESAFIANDO LA NARCODICTADURA! Luis Florido sale de Venezuela “a pie” rumbo a sesión de la OEA -► https://t.co/GLI0kvlDC5