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Do not want to get out of bed. Got my sleepy Thomas and my purring pussy cat.... Can today be cancelled plz👍🏽
To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. - Thomas Edison
Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have. - Thomas Edison #quote
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RT @SportsCenter: Once the last pick in the NBA draft, Celtics' superstar Isaiah Thomas is finally silencing the doubters. https://t.co/B2SZLkY4JK
La surprise de Thomas 😍
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Thomas Hardy - Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange to have happened.
@NOLAnews mainly because of Brees but I believe Thomas could thrive anywhere.
If it were not for hopes, the heart would break. -Thomas Fuller
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Reason and free #inquiry are the only effectual agents against error. -Thomas Jefferson https://t.co/jHmZDSy57q
RT @JusticeWillett: If Thomas Jefferson had typed the Declaration of Independence on his iPhone. 🔥🇺🇸 https://t.co/BacjKyMIDf