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@thomas_magnaldi no cooperas c mis ganas de bajar de peso
Je parle avec Thomas il me dead vraiment ce tonton là il veut pas grandir
RT @moodvintage: Women sit in a modern chic boutique in Casablanca, 1971.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie https://t.co/BcnR7GcrlP
RT @atlkee1: @rharvey816 Brees looked bad out there, They couldn’t stop Donald, Fowler or Suh from getting into the backfield, w… https://t.co/ELTNfGULxB
RT @tgsports: GHOOPS: Monty Tech 60, @AMSA_Athletics 39: St. Thomas, Saladini propel Bulldogs past Eagles: https://t.co/ol9jMKiQ1l
RT @JonStall2009: Joe Biden: ▶Gave us Clarence Thomas ▶Humiliated Anita Hill ▶Voted to repeal Glass-Steagall, the Iraq war, the Patr… https://t.co/zgZggULoL2
Europäische Arbeitslosenversicherung, auf zur Transfer Union. In Deutschland wird gearbeitet und in Frankreich werd… https://t.co/FPqYBI7Q4N
RT @SarahEMcBride: Allowing the transgender troop ban to go into effect significantly harms trans troops. This is exactly why courts c… https://t.co/MIGpeJ9Ff1
RT @JasonHButt: Spoke with Thomas Dimitroff today about what he looks for in offensive linemen, which will be a focus this offseaso… https://t.co/TijAv7SraB
RT @aftncanada: One of the most interesting #VWFC preseason storylines is definitely going to be the goalkeeping battle. All four (… https://t.co/s4eL0fhX1u
Happy New Year! Join The New WCEG Network “For Your Good on WCEG” with Myrna Taylorransom, guest cohosts Dr Charle… https://t.co/IC03ynDGW5
RT @jpssrf1787: @parscale @LindaSuhler "Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news… https://t.co/WJlVtLnp6J
@packbrewcowchez @DianaSulahian @KCK1990 @LoveHurts38 Eh, I could see it: Ben could save her, and then give her bac… https://t.co/uFPmZnOcGy
Suspect Jake Thomas Patterson hosted a Christmas gathering while victim Jayme Closs was imprisoned in the same hous… https://t.co/1GQyFEEQ38
RT @gailtalk: Former acting director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan, blasts Schumer, Says He's Putting '… https://t.co/NSiyUx8P9M
"La prima pobre del Miedo es la Rabia". Thomas Lynch.
Curti 'Never, More Forever: a Poesia na Modernidade, Ou Shelleey ... de Thomas Love Peacock & Percy Byshee Shelley… https://t.co/7fF1JI2JkI
#baseball #MLB Who said a #DesignatedHitter would NOT be in the #BaseballHallofFame ? 🤪 Frank Thomas + Molitor led… https://t.co/w9qjs4JdlM
RT @leaanaxx: Jveux une vie comme celle de Thomas et Nabilla
@Nina_Thomas_ @KUTV2News Saw that, hope he makes a full recovery. That ride can be scary.