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H - Hopsin E - Earl Sweatshirt R - Rick Ross B - Big K.R.I.T https://t.co/UFrnaPlOh0
@keithboykin Never in any of my Use of Force training was punching taught. These douches make us all look bad
@chrisbrewster23 @Gervontaa @ShakurStevenson I can’t wait to watch him fuck loma up anyone who works with mayweathe… https://t.co/wL0BZJmt5g
@Icypappi He’s not the only one that exaggerates! Give everyone else who exaggerates bad press too then! Mitchel di… https://t.co/aidCP5yrl9
really love everything about Saba and Earl Sweatshirt as artists 🥺
"people are happy when you think as they want you to" –– earl lovelace
RT @pytash21: I have never related to anything more lmao https://t.co/Y3ikPZwwYQ
RT @RealEmirHan: Rita Hayworth photographed by Earl Theisen, (1940) https://t.co/6FMxqeHngA
Endgame na lang, then back to scrims/tourneys. Haba ng pa-day off👌🏻👌🏻
RT @KingCali1998: @WSHHMEDIADAILY @lyricaIart Seriously have you never heard of Brockhampton, Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, J Cole, J… https://t.co/dnRzZLF5RK
RT @_sandraserag_: بتفرج ع Me and earl and the dying girl و قاعدة بعيط و مش عارفة أسكت وكل مشهد عيشته قبل كدا و حاسة إني عايزة حد يجي يطفي الفيلم ويطبطب عليا.
Lil Wayne Earl Sweat-shirt Outkast https://t.co/Mbahb6NRHX
RT @_ninababy_: My mom is fighting for her life right now she is a mother of 6 & a grandma of 5 she’s been battling this for 2 year… https://t.co/eWaktgfGfd
I’d love some Longest Yard stuff. Take a slapper right at a ref
E - Earl Sweatshirt R - Russ I - Isaiah Rashad C - Childish Gambino K - Kendrick Lamar https://t.co/iRPmgfggVj
@moon__69__ Then we wouldn't be so critical of ourselves as we look different to most than how we see us
This castle is in unacceptable condition! Unacceptable!