The October Faction: Deadly Season #5 https://t.co/d2YTPurqB7
Grèce contemporaine, La (French Edition) https://t.co/vndzkHyTMD
What if you swapped bodies...with your pet? Sonja Uncaged https://t.co/HXBWVVJJEB via @amazon #shortstory #kindlehttps://t.co/HeQSInoLh4
Ottawa Public Library introduces ‘express’ ebooks for speed readers https://t.co/EmRRPfCnkE #feedly
RT @promocionLibros: Hay sensaciones imposibles de explicar, amores que tocan el alma con la punta de los dedos https://t.co/0QShwAeQe6… https://t.co/vsvvQ2altc
RT @nanosaigrid: The Grid Vision: The Internet After The Web. Our free to download ebook https://t.co/d6D4psbccJ. #webdev #internet… https://t.co/uS6LLi1lNv
Becy went through some of you may have issues, but man the fuck up and talk to me and I'm gunna focus on that from here on out
A new text in new millennia. This book is not an easy read but it certainly makes you think. https://t.co/dWQSiLvlKy
RT @deathwizard57 When you strap a 300-foot dragon to a platform, bad things are bound to happen. #ChainedbyFear, … https://t.co/dH15cN4AOu
ME. its so cute.....
裏モノJAPAN 2014年9月 (鉄人社) https://t.co/LNEpXC0JN4 キンドル電子書籍雑誌 ★特集 なぜか野放しにされている悪い遊び70 ・デカマラ鈴木、最終兵器を繰り出す お見合いパーティのプロフカードに自慢 = 巨根と書けば?
RT @deathwizard57 When you strap a 300-foot dragon to a platform, bad things are bound to happen. #ChainedbyFear, … https://t.co/FHIOs0tZCC
This is a real gemLets celebrate it now with...
WHAT DID I tell the difference between a 14yr old boy's cooked meat and a 9yr old boy's cooked meat!
RT @JRLuxor: Bridget finds The Voodoo Queen and is given The Devil's Forefinger #erotic #paranormal #mystery #sci-fi #BDSM… https://t.co/ykTo3s7Hyg
RT @rolandkuhn: At last: #Reactive #Design #Patterns is out as eBook, pBook to follow in two days! https://t.co/9NaZauC72u https://t.co/OjpWRyyMwW
Dear Priscilla Bennett Community Edits are nearly done and I will announce eBook release by @endeavour_press... https://t.co/QHkzJfX6TT