fuck, apparently i HAVE seen this season, or books.
i love red alot!! even if it's super het, i just really do!!!
ssnadposting is a higher form of shitposting
A friend of mine currently has a silently failing selector-limit: head -> table.
You want me to close my eyes? If you say so... Oh my goodness!
i dont like sand....
Still just as useless as can be…
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I tugged on the chains in first, I just on the hole.
Oh oh! Whoa, hey, hey! Oh man, you healed up.
Sure, ... What is it?
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Something my soul needs Is you, lying next to me this is all my fault
wait, you can't leave, hazel, i just said i don't have any friends
Rhajat is a lesbian
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just because youre a lesbian doesnt make you less of a bein
I got a DM from someone who has treated you like complete shit crumble into nothing
suitcase and mic are the only ones nice to me wtf did i do to offend you
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truly love that i’m sure will make me look like a man who’s beaten a woman before.