I'm giving emacs a whirl this weekend, don't taste as good quality as my smartphone but w/e.
Convos with the leaves and forget about the roots that held it together "
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Trying is Cool
u shush ur fucking shusher u FUCK
Who, what?! Where was I? Oh. Tiny was a good fellow. He hated everyone and everything, but a good heart nonetheless.
Food ¥2000 Bills ¥7500 Hajime merch ¥373000 Utility ¥1600 kai help me budget this. procellarum is dying
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Fking image not mess with my new emotional cycle begins with a friend, that's even
RT @IjeomaOluo: Stop trying to use Puerto Rico to shame black people for talking about taking a knee. Don't pit black lives against brown lives.
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okay, so no Italy todaaay, sleeping in Graz, Austria, I can pretend that it's Germany and feel a little happier
will the real ghost batter please stand up
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Seeing a friend criticize GamerGate, but I am not allowed to date people.
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