RT @FranOSullivan: '“I can’t wait for this to be over. I wish these dudes would stop suing each other so this could be over for me.” https://t.co/TVob4ZM6WN
RT @MaikiSherman: BREAKING: Māori Party has been asked to walk away from its coalition with National over the Kermadec issue, comparing it to Foreshore Seabed
RT @PuhaPrincess: "To starve and kill a language is to starve and kill a peoples' memory bank" - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o Certainly motivation to korero te reo neha
RT @TheWarRoomNZ: Young #NZ Women on the run after assault https://t.co/TYiD0ncsAn
RT @Infinarium: Some thoughts on John Szczepaniak's Japanese gaming documentary | Infinarium: https://t.co/YOcSipB6gB
RT @oleivarrudi: An amazing look at the design document for guardian legend, courtesy of John Szczepaniak and @HG_101 https://t.co/H4QuGvyOjJ
@Daniel__7__ @transparency_a1 So these ice breakinjg ships are diesel fueled, gross carbon emitting, climate bombs?
RT @JimmyTraffic: BREAKING: Surrey Hills: First pictures from chopper - Car looks crushed BTW Train and platform. #victraffic https://t.co/yBy18TeLII
RT @NZTechPodcast: Want a taste of attention you'll get wearing Apple's new AirPods? Try @OralB's alternative ;) https://t.co/OMZjUtbR4A
@transparency_a1 yes but who pays him his bonus?
RT @TheWarRoomNZ: Taranaki #NZ Man found guilty of 33 sex offences https://t.co/ByfRqqK5FS
AKA the pods that #liveinthevacuumcleaner; dustbunnyunderthebedmagnets and #ifonlyicouldbuyanotheroneI'dhaveapair https://t.co/oAYMUt8s63
RT @TeMapihi: @TraciHoupapa @nzherald we are going to stop buying Delegat wine and any other product associated with Delegat
RT @MaramaDavidson: I will not be supporting Delegat wine. All my aroha to Constable Kane and her whānau. This is not justice, my thoughts with you all.
RT @Eliota_Sapolu: Maori dude takes too many trout to feed family. Jail. Rich white Nikolas Delegat repeated smashes women's face. Community work. Fucked. Up
RT @Suzyiam: #nzqt Why is Key allowed to get away with speaking 'down to' and extra obnoxiously to female MP's in the opposition? @annetterongotai
RT @KimDotcom: You're a journalist right? When did YouTube start the revenue share system and when was Megaupload destroyed? https://t.co/YRXq4nvJRp
RT @asianewzealand: Chinese Language Week bridging gap between NZ, China https://t.co/5RTuJRYo0P