@Aotearoanz I think their ploy to engender outrage worked.
@lhfang @CitizenBomber @micahflee so hackers don't use Tor? who knew.
RT @politico: Ahead of his briefing on allegations of Russia election-season hacking, Trump mocks the intelligence community https://t.co/e0AkrNh397
@Aotearoanz maybe the sense of outrage you feel at his remarks is the same as the sense of outrage he felt over NZ's action?
@mike_farman Do you moonlight for Trump's twitter account?
RT @Taylor_Mikey_: Hello Michael, The next time you log onto your Twitter at Central Library, make sure you log out! Have a nice day… https://t.co/CocD5m8PO8
RT @hcirePT: You know, you can stick your growing economy up your arse while you have 1000s of people who can't afford exorbitant Auckland rents.
@inbedwithdaleks or by wearing red shirts and voting National...
RT @JoffreysCoffee: How are you ringing in the New Year? Send us a #coffeeselfie! https://t.co/iVPz1d6zZr
RT @GeorgeTakei: Perhaps you should start treating "intelligence" as something of value, and not something wholly alien to you, Dona… https://t.co/RzUGGgyyvJ
RT @Spokesbird: Skraaarrk! The strange post-mating behaviour of New Zealand's native giraffe weevil: https://t.co/vKi2WOhtPY https://t.co/tm4HWe3gmM
@StewartLundNZ PR consultants worth their salt know nothing is ever 'off the record'
RT @spat106: *Michelle Boag walks into a Starbucks* Michelle Boag: Please give me a drink that's the same colour as a Māori.
@freddyscott @wikileaks Trump unlikely to be offering pardons any time soon
@realDonaldTrump Assange didn't say that. Watch the interview again.
RT @MetroUK: ‘Real Housewives of Isis’ screens on BBC2 – and it’s upset a lot of people https://t.co/wx8w3KBkFo
Looks like Michelle Boag could be bringing a whole new vibe to New Zealand's #coffeeselfie this Friday... #everydayracism
RT @JJPalethorpe: Michelle Boag is THE WORST SPOKESPERSON The Mad Butcher could have chosen - https://t.co/KX7gi4zk8b #nzpol https://t.co/l69koG9jRI
@BrentJPalmer another example of #ripoffnz. I hear Amazon is due to open warehouses in Australia soon, prices will fall even further.
RT @justinhendrix: @realDonaldTrump turns out you were incorrect? Embarrassing! https://t.co/71WeS4wjpB
@Phil_Tanner @thomaslebas NZ has fewer roads but twice the fatal accident rate of the UK.