RT @lou_gordongreen: Does anyone have info on how to get on evacuation lists in #Kaikoura #eqnz #earthquakenz @Jwpurd https://t.co/jMze3rtMwN
RT @radionz: The HMNZS Canterbury is arriving at Kaikoura - "It's a great sight." https://t.co/1cVdePbd9D' https://t.co/1mZdswwu6y
RT @dtyukich: Contracting out/using labour hire firms to drive down wages isn't ethical.Serious about ethics, be serious about staff. #pwcheraldtalks
RT @kimbakerwilson: Good morning - this is the latest #eqnz information we're starting our Wednesday bulletins with https://t.co/t93KiWipJN
RT @LloydBurr: Arriving off Kaikoura coast today: HMNZS Canterbury HMNZS Wellington HMNZS Te Kaha HMNZS Endeavour HMAS Darwin HMCS Vancouver USS Sampson
RT @CK_Daniels: The marae in Kaikoura are bedding up to 100 people a night. They say they're no where near as busy as Monday night.… https://t.co/liFihpuC3y
RT @janinekrippner: Operation underway to rescue stranded sea life with the 2-2.5 m uplift along #Kaikoura coast. #eqnz Video here:… https://t.co/bHQMptUmoK
RT @livcarville: In some quake-hit towns, cracks in the road are bigger than 10-year-old boys 😱 (Jack Satterthwaite - helicoptered o… https://t.co/XFHGxElttA
RT @donr_1: Donald Trump leaning toward extreme militant John Bolton as secretary of state https://t.co/cwaVHKonyN via @HuffPostPol defending Putin?
@donr_1 @nzherald glad to hear they're doing this instead of 'invading' Auckland, the arms fair is going to be a damp squib though.
@ilkaitzel Seismmic testing presents significant risk to east coast #eqnz #kaikoura #earthquake https://t.co/ju2c2aDMiq
@MI2CA2 you have my sympathies. Loving him doesn't mean he's going to do a good job.
RT @bluspacecow: @HannahBrodie2 @NicolaYoung15 @E2NZ @radionz Looks like you can appeal online : https://t.co/qx0JEjSgQu I would dispute it with them.
@donr_1 @GwennRJ @nznavy it would make it easier if they were moved, unfair to make people stay when they'd be safer, happier elsewhere.
RT @donr_1: @GwennRJ @E2NZ @nznavy parts of the world r helping us. Plenty of solid ships 2 assist. Suspect all Kaikoura wil have to move
Come on people $50,000 isn't good enough let's get it to $5 million. Help the #nzearthquake survivors in Blenheim a… https://t.co/m7dju70Cz2
Blenheim area was badly affected by the #nzearthquake please consider donating to the @NZRedCross https://t.co/qK3Ceafrqm
RT @NZRedCross: Given the evacuation of #Wellington head office, contact us on social media & via our website if you need us https://t.co/S9aXxeAg1I
People in Kaikoura really need help your help. Important to donate to @NZRedCross and please give generously. Please RT
RT @2covet: US tourists in #Kaikoura have a FIMA New Orleans experience & expectation of failed support. So their fears may be greater. Keep being kind.
@donr_1 @GwennRJ @nznavy i can't understand why they haven't done this. Unfair to make people stay in damaged Kaiko… https://t.co/lGgWG0tMEM
RT @WgtnCC: @HannahBrodie2 @bluspacecow @NicolaYoung15 @E2NZ Hi, was that inside the Barnett St car park? Unfortunately that is not a council car park.
RT @pharris830: See how that works? No media bias at all. https://t.co/e5iyBTa0qk
RT @RobJStewartNZ: The TPPA Amendment Bill just passed its Third and final reading despite the majority of New Zealanders not wanting… https://t.co/gt0YDUh9HJ