RT @Ydb: A "pantsuits for Hillary" flash mob "just" happened downtown Raleigh, NC... https://t.co/pkB5Bd3dmy
RT @Pahtrisha: It breaks my heart having to agree with this. :( https://t.co/RdoyVhjJ2v
@Tnacity @realDonaldTrump @TelegraphNews i take that as a complement, seeing as how you have not yet come across NZ's apology for a MSM
Good to see the MSM can still do genuine scoops, there's hope yet https://t.co/PWW3xmOGOV
RT @MICHAELDOLLAR: Eric Beach co-chair of Trump PAC told undercover reporters that a Chinese donor would be "remembered" for a $2 million illegal donation...
@bfraser747 Correction, the Chinese people: https://t.co/n2j6OptVpZ
@realDonaldTrump @TelegraphNews If they take cash from China, what other country has 'donated'? answers on a postcard to @RealDonalTrump
@We3forDemocracy @realDonaldTrump @TelegraphNews China though that's very bad form. And it had to be the British MSM who uncovered this?
Exclusive investigation: @realDonaldTrump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal https://t.co/n2j6OptVpZ via @TelegraphNews
RT @BostonGlobe: Voters in five states, including Massachusetts, will vote next month on legalizing marijuana https://t.co/74CnEJmEgO https://t.co/FjdgvwiSfe
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