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Life has been lit
I been having a bomb ass time lately
RT @research_uk: Opportunities for partnerships with #GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hub proposals are here! https://t.co/ztvdToFsxD
Do you know how many dead flowers I've left in my wake?
Marcienne Dwyer Stills at Dead Ant Premiere in Los Angeles https://t.co/CelxFMR1PB https://t.co/dCDdfOVROJ
RT @sandras_smith: @MarkCarterMC @liampdwyer @mndassoc @BBCSurrey I totally agree. But if I can put in a good recommendation for Anna Dwyer. @liampdwyer
@Jayyy_Dwyer Lol truly, mi nuh wrong you ya 😂
@_bri98x Know dat feeling .. Only reason i go, so can know when is my glossary term.. Need that 3 marks.
@Jayyy_Dwyer listen I’ve been TIREDT of these courses from the first lecture
RT @lettyyyyyy7: Leroux and Dwyer are goals af
@_bri98x Lol makes sensee, cyaa wait fi done all her courses
@Jayyy_Dwyer yes I do and I regret it so much 😂 sigh jus affi tough it out
RT @torylanez: You'll be fine if you stop worrying about it .
@_bri98x Wait, u do both 48 & 49? Lol inna one semester ? God guh wid u
@Jayyy_Dwyer right?? cya tek the whul eep a policy brief dem enu
@_bri98x Kill out miself, jus fi 6 marks
RT @WiseGuy_wes27: Fuck all y'all that agree with this shit. 🤷🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/cOt408KHiF
Leroux and Dwyer are goals af
@Jayyy_Dwyer lmfao sameeeee 😩
RT @QueenTahtiana: I hurt my own feelings expecting mfs to come how I come💯 I gotta remember mfs wasn't raised like me🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @kvngmxjvre: First of all she is the hood nigga https://t.co/D0J3hxqZlz
RT @VannahFrances: the titties def deserved they own photo i am living https://t.co/TZ6HmRv6FB
RT @PassionPosts: Over time you realize that some people aren't worth it anymore.
RT @tiaramvrie: First of all, she gon find another man that’s emotionally supportive. https://t.co/WDrDv1DMzk