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sos bus #1 needs some cough drops asap!!
RT @ViciousVish: Doctor Strange saw 14,000,605 futures. There must have been one where him and Thanos raised a family together. Th… https://t.co/7FPScy8vIG
@m_t_dwyer @AJDelgado13 @soledadobrien Trump will have a better chance once it's gets to the 9th Circuit. At least… https://t.co/DSzLjYcMJ8
@TyWalter7 Not trying to clean pens
RT @tayloreldridge: 🚨 NEW MEET RECORD 🚨 For the first time in 109 years, the Kansas high school state track and field meet has been de… https://t.co/XLKPVmxZFZ
@ct_dwyer I told you it was too wet to clean pens
RT @DebraMessing: She is a fucking traitor & a pathological liar. https://t.co/ddyJuLywNb
Haberman spun this one in the way Trump would. https://t.co/unipOFXfuk
Getting the word out about Anthony Portesy and my campaigns today with Emily Dwyer in her and Anthony’s hometown of… https://t.co/vvCUYVkOFp
@dbdavidbryan Who is on that plane w you!?
What a circuitous way to get a cookie.
It's uncomfortable when the shoe fits, & complaining that "not all white liberal women feminists are racists" doesn… https://t.co/dBWUbumWjQ
@Ryanexpress77 @AJDelgado13 @soledadobrien The reason more cases end up in the 9th circuit, is that it is by far th… https://t.co/Vz4Fx6iKyH
RT @AOC: Yup. Where’s the “no angel” take now? In the immediate aftermath of shootings, media routinely post menacing photo… https://t.co/jirHLPfTz6
RT @mmpadellan: Maggie Haberman is a perfect example of one of those starstruck "journalists" who dumped on Hillary and carried wat… https://t.co/yH3kAjXF4F
@m_t_dwyer @AJDelgado13 @soledadobrien Have you noticed the Dems always file their suit in the San Francisco Federa… https://t.co/uxgvCxCali
@Ryanexpress77 @AJDelgado13 @soledadobrien Are “Obama” judges not real judges? Are Clinton judges ok? What does tha… https://t.co/wfobzIoRoV