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RT @normanpfvr: 56- Denise acabou sendo morta por um flechada dada por Dwight https://t.co/91Scg0IG3G
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RT @KanishaHendric6: One Look At These Optical Illusions And Your Brain Might Explode https://t.co/UPUhiPDhG7
We can do this America! Vote for Mr Trump for all Americans https://t.co/9xgwGBJjbx
RT @Brova_SunFlower: KG: You pretty good, keep it up Dwight: I'm tryna be like you when I grow up KG: YOU COULD NEVER BE ME TRASH ASS GU… https://t.co/WJvOsqOhq4
RT @TerryLee__: Dwight was banking jumpers in the preseason? 🤔
#HoustonRockets #GoRockets #HTown Rockets management wanted to play Clint Capela over Dwight Howard https://t.co/rAONqlIhWQ
Man I remember when Dwight first came to the Rockets and all the hype surrounding that move and we see how that turned out
@ratlidge Dwight, tu caso fue derivado a nuestra área especialista. En cuanto tengamos novedades te informaremos por DM. ^DV
RT @Complexionsnyc: COMPLEXIONS ACADEMY WEBSITE IS OPEN , Dwight Rhoden and I are inspired to bring you this easier format to come... https://t.co/hu05Jalb4C
sorry, how bout a one way plane ticket to Syria? Make your demands there, see what happens to you all https://t.co/G25bn54eNn
RT @Gizmodo: This diary entry from Eisenhower is hilariously depressing when you remember that Trump is running for president… https://t.co/wSC6JzGzpF
I wonder if dwight Howard will have a good season this year with Atlanta
Charges to be dropped against ex-Cobb EMC chief Dwight Brown https://t.co/7EmXPai6OE
RT @elwachodixon: dwight no te banco nada ojala te quemen el escroto tambien
RT @normanpfvr: 56- Denise acabou sendo morta por um flechada dada por Dwight https://t.co/91Scg0IG3G
Today's 10 at 10 features 1975: I'm On Fire - Dwight Twiley Band Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John Roll On Down... https://t.co/FGyFtAD6g2
RT @Mount_Sandel: "The scriptures are given not to increase our knowledge, but to change our lives." - Dwight L Moody