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RT @USMarine_Vet: Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death Released by Sanctuary State https://t.co/fFfDOihZvJ
RT @snowball1926: Thank goodness President Trump shut down the Iran deal. Barack was allowing them to get nuclear weapons! Imagine Ir… https://t.co/3FfRASaJkS
ambot lang jud sa mga silingan nako nga mga pala iyt
RT @libertarianism: "The peace we seek, rounded upon decent trust and cooperative effort among nations, can be fortified, not by weapon… https://t.co/c10OtMHqx9
RT @RepMarkMeadows: James Comey—who used his position to peddle the collusion conspiracy theory for nearly two years—seems set on attac… https://t.co/hd0HKFJnaF
RT @OhEmmeG: aye game of thrones was just like that episode of The Office when Dwight named himself the Hay King ajzjzjkzkzk
RT @JohnnieB_10: @willis_cj Reggie: “I’m gone start going to Dwight cause you don’t laugh at my jokes or none of that” Mr. Sheldon… https://t.co/4a0O2tYAW6
RT @charliekirk11: Shocking: An illegal alien was just released back into an Oregon community after being convicted of... Raping his… https://t.co/qZbnKD8XGw
@birch_johnbirch Ka hilas sa yawa hahahah ambot lang jud
@Shaunks17 @PrinceKalvinP @BBCSport If you have concrete information someone like Dwight Yorke had a level evaluati… https://t.co/ZlFqB02BvD
"Be weary the Military Industrial Complex..." President Dwight D. Eisenhower https://t.co/Rnyf1xI3xg via @YouTube
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. $CHD VP Sells $874,003.20 in Stock https://t.co/EFezxqz72B #stocks
@dwight_ponce I'm not like you brooo 😙HAHAHAHAHHAHA
RT @RedNationRising: I am the cousin to former AG Eric Holder. I walked away from my parent's political party to vote Republican by my o… https://t.co/DCO6755kyK
@dwight_m3 Atis genlai pat vle moun wel à taureau a😄
RT @notkimb: nobody: me in a dwight shrute voice: IDIOTS
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. $CHD VP Steven J. Katz Sells 11,760 Shares https://t.co/4fdVqhUxfT
RT @rarmuz: Archivo Criminal: Temir Porras Ponceleón exvice Canciller de Nicolás cuyo suegro jefe de preparación/envío Valija D… https://t.co/gFQzYDLPIC
@sEnOrRoBoT_ @ArashMarkazi @shaunking We were already set back by the previous regime. Let's not forget the bad tra… https://t.co/lFkTe7KG6o
@birch_johnbirch Ikw gwapo daghan bae pero hadlok mo iyot
Kayo ulit ni Dwight? — Hindi https://t.co/lCme2NhB9B
'No chance we're signing Dwight Gayle' - Leeds United fans turn attention to transfer window following play-off hea… https://t.co/UZMblUYF4Q