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RT @LovelyNBored: DRUNK DANTE x Jack Vance (prod. Potillo) is HERE. Click the link and enjoy🙏🏽 https://t.co/06R1bjMKMX https://t.co/ccrdS5bmDC
RT @GeorgeDiaazz: Drunk words are sober thoughts
i have a strange desire to see how winona would dance to drunk in love by beyoncé
RT @JRtheWriter: Ya drunk uncle and his embarrassed son arriving at the family BBQ https://t.co/IlDN4VEffo
This guy driving this truck is clearly drunk and idk what to do bc he's driving like a jackass
RT @clayurfisk: My friends: "whenever I'm drunk I text my ex bf or cry" Me: https://t.co/bhvpPbgXu4
@tanamongeau blackout drunk Tana has more function than me on a daily basis #newtanavideo https://t.co/k9H3jqmEKd
RT @martinacxzz: @zaynmalik drunk is one of my fave man
RT @TheRealJeffJr: Don't ever ask me for advice unless you want to end up drunk.
I was drunk when I tweeted this bc I don't remember this lmao https://t.co/Xw7KO5Jis0
RT @ashleyandsun: me proofreading my drunk tweet before hitting send knowing im going to regret it later https://t.co/E6qDb1YIlH
RT @koltonmonk: You're a POS if you take advantage of a girl that's too drunk
Woohoo! Our first Tweet, maybe, if this loads. We're either too old or drunk for this. #diditwork #yearsbehind #vodka
RT @tease: Getting drunk is so much more fun when you have a lil boo getting drunk with you too
The fact my bf though I was drunk calling him bcs I was getting really emotional and affectionate like whhaaatttt? This love talk boy
RT @VanRidd: When Your Pops Already Drunk Walking Into The Family Reunion https://t.co/fabsQCMcbp
RT @Natty_Baca: When south padre is life but you're way too drunk 😂🙌🏼 @SouthPadreHQ #stayupbro https://t.co/mjaF8BaUIG
RT @tomsbodylotion: oh i forgot there was a question about since they always tell their fans to get drunk during the show and a fan asked them "so where are our
@actuallyblaine also one of my friends was SO drunk and it was HILARIOUS and i think i fell in love with him a lil bit
It take so long to get drunk but so little to get high.
@NameIsJosephine @Lauren_Southern 'never do a youtube vid with anyone you've never gotten drunk' sounds like surprisingly good advice...
RT @zaynmalik: Talk too much and fuck like that were songs too that didn't make it ... and drunk wasn't even a song yet so That's… https://t.co/rMmbawxhNa