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RT @therealEmensive: Got 100 friends that'll hit the club with me n get drunk AF but when it comes down to business only like 2-3 people are with it 😴
Lets get drunk and tell each other everything we're afraid to say sober
RT @drunk: I love meeting people as drunk as me and instantly becoming best friends
prolly staying awake together the whole night doing each other's work with occasional coffee, perhaps cig & drink &… https://t.co/6uSo12vVp9
RT @devinneal18: Don't use being drunk as a excuse
RT @shemoansauntae: if I'm married and my wife wanna go out, go out... drink wine, get drunk, and send me freaky texts so you can come home and get this dicc
RT @camilacabello97: now I'm shook up, now I'm love drunk
RT @drunk: Coming home late with your drunk friend 😂 https://t.co/eoqGchxvL7
RT @drunk: I love meeting people as drunk as me and instantly becoming best friends
RT @fifth_platinum: @ 5h: ladies. tonight we want y'all to burn down the stage, fresh +18 choreo, red carpet slayage, success, tears &… https://t.co/dg3oo76OOp
Guys I shit you not... a herd of sheep just crossed the road. Wtf NWI you're drunk
@Tiisetso_Phetla I only have the confidence when I'm drunk
RT @lavouteloic: quand jme rend compte que "drunk in love" de beyonce il est sortit ya 4ans jme dis que le tmps il passe archi vite
RT @MarkAgee: Imagine thinking it's the president's job to reschedule football so you can get more drunk during it. Jesus Christ. https://t.co/aU8nsl5Kmu
@millercort14 @drunk @BeFitMenu there's videos saying you did have a good time lmao went a little hard in the paint but 😅
RT @RadAlcoholPorn: You don't know someone until you're ridiculously drunk and talking about life with them
I liked a @YouTube video from @SimplePickup https://t.co/6StToSO2j5 DRUNK TIMES WITH PORNSTARS
RT @preferabIy: drunk driving aint cool man i hate seeing bitches say "man i was so drunk idk how i drove home" how can u take pride in being a dumbass?
RT @booferal: Sad that a bunch of guys can't just see a drunk girl and think "Hey. You know what? Maybe none of us should rape he… https://t.co/ByMPTvBxij
@73Gelata drunk multiplayer w 3scythes