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Exactly bro same thing with wade tho Dwade so great people think him averaging 19 ppg is washed LMAAO https://t.co/80ZzNmQOgr
When I seen dwade and Jimmy Butler go to Twitter to talk about Rondo when I'm sure they was jus in the same locker room smh SOFT!
@harleyxvi Showed the wife your tape, she said because you wear 3 like DWade she's going to call you Flash. 👍Or👎?
@JoshuaILewis your boy had the dwade joint
@KCJHoop Maybe DWade should worry less about his banana boat buddy and more about how to get a long with Rhondo. #glasshouses
@juliannimal @TrumpSuperPAC Trump more concern about his business in Saudi Arabia never mind Saudi's killed 3,000 people on 9/11/2001
@dwade_67 @SenatorTimScott @CamillaBrieste good, that's what they were elected to do, have you looked at all the seats #dems due to #obama
@dwade_67 @SenatorTimScott @CamillaBrieste elections say in 12,14 had consequences, #obamas words
@dwade_67 @SenatorTimScott @CamillaBrieste yeah, just like the #DNC with 43, but the #GOP was elected to stop #Obamas agenda
RT @RTNBA: Rondo takes a shot at Jimmy Butler & DWade 🔥🔥👀 https://t.co/UyCTLA1arZ
@FoxNews defund sanctuary cities and counties; sanctuary cities and counties withhold your taxes to the gov't.
@WomenPatriots @SenatorTimScott @CamillaBrieste Rep cong purposely didn't hold confirm hearings nor vote on Pres Obama's Supreme Ct pick (2)
RT @coolinassrell: It's a difference between a nigga that ain't shit and a nigga that ain't perfect.
Million dollar status 🤑 billionaire focus 🗣
It's bout time for Dwade to retire. Jimmy Butler is garbage my himself. Jokim Noah is trash, dont know why Knicks signed him. Melo has life.
@WomenPatriots @SenatorTimScott @CamillaBrieste Have we forgot that Republican congress obstructed President Obama up to Jan 19? (1)
RT @eveewing: sorry I meant to say explicitly TRAVELING IN DEFIANCE OF UNJUST LAWS https://t.co/fBCSOAAiTI
RT @Rico_ThaShooter: 05-06 DWade was so cold 😭
@hizwhiz @schmeck22 see why LBJ came to 3A to win with DWade?
RT @Nephew____: @Romey_Da_Homie I always said he was a homeless mans DWade lol…I’m glad he’s finding his way tho
@jonahreyes779 @FirstTake @stephenasmith @KingJames @espn lok another one c'mon man b real what bout kyrie Westbrook Jr Smith lol even DWade
@brixvillaruel tapos kukunin si wade, ok lang daw kay bron kahit babaan salary nya mabuo lang dream team nya with dwade, melo and cp