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@TasteOfCountry Dunkin’ Donuts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RT @Moyfany: The vis lines dedication to Dunkin’ Donuts is unmatched
Dosing up 😋 (@ Dunkin' Donuts in Khobar) https://t.co/dyItHVZOt3
So I stopped at Dunkin’- no longer known as Dunkin’ Donuts, although I’m not sure what else it is that you’re suppo… https://t.co/KAdzV9lrKl
@OlafBso @NulVijfen80 Er zal toch vast wel een Dunkin Donuts, iHop of Barnes&Noble in de buurt zijn? 😉
Dulu beli 5 dunkin donuts dpt free 1 donut. Skg ada promo beli 6 donut dpt 3 kotak air ni. https://t.co/MEVcXqOLVQ
@mariamnabil996 Ta3alyyy w hagablaakk dunkin donuts malesh ghero wallahyyy😂💕💕💕
RT @ballerguy: There was once a girl in my high school who filled a Dunkin’ Donuts cup with a Loko and got so drunk DURING SCHOOL… https://t.co/uZxPuPp4KK
Ano magandang bilhin? Triple chocolate na cake ng red ribbon or choco butternut ng dunkin donuts? ☹
Without me knowing and while I was still sleeping Jordan left and went and got Dunkin Donuts and an ice coffee. Nee… https://t.co/CW07h8kifQ
May dunkin donuts na may https://t.co/Ta2qX7Tj6N pa 😂 puro donut na ang nasa sistema ko HAHAHAHA
RT @wheresale: ที่กินให้อ้วนมาตลอดเพื่อให้เธอกอดแล้วอุ่นในหน้าหนาว☺ . 🔥 ว่าแล้วกินวนไปค่ะซื้อ 🍩 6 ฟรี 6 174 บาทเท่านั้น🔥 วันนี้เจอ… https://t.co/vtR1tQaADp
RT @cuti_makan: Yang mana donut pilihan korang?? RT DONUT BIG APPLE LIKE Dunkin' Donuts https://t.co/3Y25vYZcwM
The vis lines dedication to Dunkin’ Donuts is unmatched
@AnneMWolke You will survive! I did after switching to Dunkin Donuts latte and found it to be palatable. Of course… https://t.co/I1fspUbcTl
derek, piolo, dingdong. god bless dunkin' donuts.
@GaryLineker Stick to flogging us saturated fat coated potatoes or maybe you could sign a deal with Dunkin Donuts a… https://t.co/P4wbvkZBDt
Feeling empty? Get the Dunkin' Donuts Fix Coffee. a crunchy coffee with a bitter custard stuffed crust!
On my way to Dunkin Donuts
JUSTICE FOR ME - everyday 5:30PM I stop at Dunkin donuts 21 Providence Hwy Walpole MA. Dennis Crowley III and Richa… https://t.co/nz3y48H7Xf
JUSTICE FOR ME - Dennis Crowley III and Richard Ryer of Apollo International security of Walpole MA hired Brazilian… https://t.co/MyyyPrtFs4
@flyPAL I already did and there is NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. I would appreciate an honest answer tho if dunkin donu… https://t.co/h7oTfJzi5H
Tapi dunkin donuts ni takleh lawan big apple
@TabethaWatching Don't worry, as long as Dunkin Donuts don't start painting helipads on their roofs these won't be… https://t.co/1yUrb9iQTZ