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RT @rosesmyra: y’all jb/jelena stans are so dumb and hateful istg. justin and hailey, who apparently are dating or seeing each oth… https://t.co/JIYL06x3KB
I also get a kick out of black people always trying to portray themselves as 🦁's RHINOS RULE THE JUNGLE YOU DUMB F… https://t.co/4kQlRHCl3d
Humans are so dumb sometimes.
Guys I don’t care if you call me dumb but I just realize that Flo rida name is literally just Florida 😂😂😂
RT @lmPostMalone: Don't let a "i miss you " text make you dumb all over again...
stills girls sexypic ammature sex video hottest call girl anal dumb porno asian looking mexican girls https://t.co/LfVTfoEqKb
RT @natalie_rdz13: Bestfriend, if you’re reading this I miss you, dumb bitch :’(
I hate dumb bitches that act like they don’t know what’s going on🤦🏾‍♂️!
RT @Davian_Wolfe: a reminder that we content creators are a simple bunch and if given less than optimal amounts of sleep we will do s… https://t.co/E0BtGRHTC4
RT @sweet_novacanee: This is disgusting !! 2 pregnant girls fighting over the fact they got pregnant by the sane man around the same tim… https://t.co/Kg8cdJMXR9
RT @kvlieb: proved me wrong when i said guys are dumb 😜♥️ https://t.co/KVnJUTTFyo
RT @natalie_rdz13: Bestfriend, if you’re reading this I miss you, dumb bitch :’(
RT @MelinatedHime: this status was dumb as hell cause both would be great boyfriends lets see what yo ass look like before speaking on… https://t.co/ahnfGyOWx6
@cherrynochu_ HAKXKDM okay listen that scene w/ Bob watching Jack Jack and saying in the most deadpan voice “that’s… https://t.co/3oGiE7jCMU
Very very very dumb women ...😒 https://t.co/XYSCZEZnrj
Remember when we thought that whoever lived in a house was super rich because we were dumb kids and thought people… https://t.co/iynwWEZi8J
Revenge is the devils work. People get hurt for some dumb reason. Idc what anyone do killing them is not the answer #justice4junior RIP❤️
like?? all this on top on skam?! im a dumb bitch
@369 studios 2:07 am 69% level 10. Kids? @311 Radio #pandora probably come out small and dumb. :/ @fsu I'll be ... https://t.co/I1HyZ23j4g
Yo nomás me pongo a escuchar young dumb & broke y automáticamente se me antoja un cigarrito
@skoobz2001 People out having fun while I’m still doing dumb sneaker stuff on Friday night
RT @lukeoneil47: By the way, that 63,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens line from Trump, which sounded obviously made up, is, of… https://t.co/ikzQ5tOhcY
RT @ByunBaekieee1: The SM in SM entertainment stands for Star museum entertainment not Lee 'Soo Man' entertainment? 😲 Lmfao y'all we g… https://t.co/rufJwTrskT