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RT @Stezxxx: some of ya need to understand , if your personality ugly , that makes you DUMB UGLY .
biTCH i'm so dumb like,,i'm home and i'm using my phone for like two hour and i had MOBILE DATA ON AAAAAAAA now i… https://t.co/5k837RHtS2
Girls? Beautiful Boys? Dumb and handsome
RT @seulrenewed: shipping aside, the fact that, even after all these years, seulrene isn't an actual subunit... SM is just really re… https://t.co/KD31a7nlYy
RT @ThatBoyJordynnn: I’m not dumb. I peep everything. Don’t think you fooling me. Ever.
RT @kingbanqtan: BTS biggest hype man is BTS themself, thats why i hate when dumb btch judging members and pull x hate x, based on 2… https://t.co/Ed4xUWz64o
RT @mochiipanko: Wow..don't fucking do this. Don't take artists work and put it on apparel without their consent. How dumb can you be https://t.co/tajPgJl0Su
RT @TiaXMinaj: “Rappers”: I don’t write Y’all: I don’t think it matters if you don’t write. That’s not important Nicki: hi Y’… https://t.co/cmnNWPeoDU
RT @daasssshhhh: I got pulled over by a cop and told him i was dyslexic and thought the 6 was a 9 and he apologized and let me go HA deputy dumb a$$ :)
RT @godjenniee: You can hype up one member without mention the other, that's how you express an opinion. You can say "I love Jisoo'… https://t.co/SEOhHzAO5u
finally posted another fuckin fic 🤧 it’s fluffy socky with really dumb oblivious gay bitch sanha so uwu https://t.co/BVUd8ba5Or
i'm: dumb 🤡
How Lucas on his stan eyes : cute, handsome, talent, a big baby, soft. vs How Lucas on his non stan eyes : a dumb… https://t.co/UqOkV6ifxX
RT @dignified_n_old: Why did people have to go with this fantastical version of Trump where he’s a secret double agent with sinister Ame… https://t.co/hH3nshi7Ap
RT @tsnmimara: yall better fuckin leave demetrius alone and let him release what he wants. it hurts me so much to see that the dum… https://t.co/ECHyreJiDv
RT @juliannarvivas: any bitch that still worried about me or still taking shit is a low life bitch leave me the fuck alone and start do… https://t.co/QVrKHigagS
@DanyaY__ @bemysenpaiii me toooo I’m like hold up I can’t be this dumb 😭
i am: big dumb ass
@SolskjaerOG What a dumb tweet, and your account name makes it even more dumber
RT @anaslomu: This whole dewi remaja skit is dumb shit. The show, audience, participants, winners, saboteurs, netizens choosing s… https://t.co/xP2iISHOEl