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RT @mauricexiii: the smartest thing I ever did was play dumb
RT @thegreatkhalid: UK! Listen to my new single Young Dumb & Broke on Spotify now!
RT @amitbhawani: Airtel thinks Indian's are Dumb? New Offer 😮😮😮 New iPhone 7 at Rs 7777 Airtel Cost ➡ 7777 + (24 * 2499) = Rs 67… https://t.co/isHQxO1HR9
@Reedy95 @DavidAmoyal Considering you can't spell 'the' I would assume Not, dumb fucker
Sa social media: Young, Wild & Free. Sa totoong buhay: Young, dumb & broke.
I swear I hate dumb bitches hat lie for clout just to put dirt on my name like I want buss at yo bitch ass then you'll be crying .
Young, dumb and broke na broke 😂
// young dumb and broke🎶
I provide outer body experiences for boys who laugh at my dumb jokes 🍆💦 I hope this filter represents that well 😛▫…… https://t.co/KTNkH0QTEW
I’m so mad I took that fucking nap dawg 😒 now I up looking real DUMB AF
RT @Haeklips: SJ be like, " look at these dumb asses counting down when we didnt even say what time its being released" that gif… https://t.co/PcgNvBHO0S
@richard_littler I use this feature to delete dumb stuff I said or shared in previous years. Really useful.
RT @zaruliqram: Told you Malaysians are dumb, they bashed this kid, I don’t see he’s being rude or what, he even offered to get it… https://t.co/Le4ZHttN0z
@parvanitis77 @TomBrowne7 Well what do you expect you dumb arse. Your team have been fuckheads from the start offering no fair trades.
RT @ManaBotExe: Y'all my NSFW Snapchat ain't free miss me with that dumb ass question.
RT @lesbiantifa: RE TWEET if you are ALSO gay and dumb as shit
RT @022winklebyulie: look at this dumb hamster https://t.co/8yxO4noAs2
@Owaahh I have googled Russia Massacre and the information is just dumb founding
RT @MoroccanCurlss: "It's so cool that you're Arabic" First of all, Arabic is a language you dumb shit.
RT @022winklebyulie: look at this dumb hamster https://t.co/8yxO4noAs2
@knightstalkerjr That’s dumb asf 😂
@richardluddite @DiscordianKitty 3. You can cut out your dumb shit from this thread and stop acting like women are… https://t.co/vrTd8yXIOD
Young dumb broke
RT @lesbiantifa: RE TWEET if you are ALSO gay and dumb as shit