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You dumb motherfucker. Don’t you think everyone has just been waiting for you to say this lame nonsense? How old ar… https://t.co/rRmPLOwhjQ
ppl saying LA will hold a L if 6ix9ine don't get touched sound dumb af!You that stupid to thing he's just all over… https://t.co/GELw2vQlPE
RT @ZM_Andretti: I hope he sat in the back with that dumb ass haircut https://t.co/9FpRmKgpyw
RT @jrhennessy: calling the cops over dumb rightwing facebook posts is never going to end the way you hope it will
RT @aylin10_: Y’all dumb for trying to talk to me then my bestfriend next nomas porq no te pele, like ella tampoco te va pelar
RT @pasocash: Yall females gotta understand if a nigga got a girl he in love with and they be doing that on and off shit.. DO NOT… https://t.co/WAaWUYeXZy
RT @itssza: if ur bf/gf/bff needs reassurance DONT question why they need it, ignore it, or make them feel dumb for feeling how… https://t.co/QSfDlulErs
@Karma_Kills_836 @WeAreRosemary Cool I'm wanting a montage of really dumb people hurting themselves and it's really… https://t.co/PzX4kJuhEx
RT @hankgreen: Does anyone else feel like it's really dumb and weird that we're all just expected to know the way Romans did numbe… https://t.co/BNqnRybtmH
This beach segment in P5 is dumb
@daniel96xdn สากลก็ say it - tory lanez ละก็บางเพลงของ partynextdoor ละก็ของ khalid เพลงที่รฝนึกออกก็ young dumb&br… https://t.co/JEqElfIl31
I got 2gz and I'm on my fourth blunt. And I've been packing them FAT too. I love a dumb plug. ^.^
RT @kinoshiitas: Red Velvet on Melon Daily 2/17 Bad Boy - #5 Peek-a-Boo -#26 Red Flavor - #44 Russian Roulette - #197 Rookie - #212… https://t.co/6lP7nxYJNJ
I been sleeping on Hell's kitchen forever lol this shit dumb lit
Crazy how dada took me off Snapchat & on top of that he playing dumb
RT @RexTestarossa: Fuck...I just remembered. Goku fell on his head as a kid and lost the memories of his mission. So Goku isn’t actual… https://t.co/eS2Ethq9US
I haven't laughed so hard at something I saw on facebook in years. I don't have words to describe how dumb this is https://t.co/hWnIddE45t
Religion is great, it gives people hope and happiness. But do not use your religion to try and say that’s why peopl… https://t.co/cwd8z0o6C0
@flag_lad Some of them came to the US and interacted directly with people they paid to do things. There were a lot… https://t.co/i9wHfqubsY
Lol really, fist fully in the balls?! 😭😭😭💀 😂 — u dumb https://t.co/DXw9h7UEPA
@magycherie @t0ndo__ He thot people are dumb to not know what humans create..
RT @hanbintro: iKON has now 10 wins in total 🎊❤ My Type:🏆🏆🏆 Rhythm Ta: 🏆 Apology: 🏆 Dumb & Dumber: 🏆🏆🏆 Love Scenario: 🏆🏆 #LoveScenario2ndWin
RT @crashes: ur dumb as fuck if u sleep on someone who's down af for u
RT @crashes: ur dumb as fuck if u sleep on someone who's down af for u