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I'm trying to 100% all the chapters in dbh but like 25% of it is just being dumb and doing nothing lmao
RT @ayshardzn: Khalid's concert ticket price in KL ain't for the young, dumb and broke.
RT @J4IRO_: I want dumb gloomy weather /:
how dumb and narrow minded can someone be?
RT @bbnoodz: j valentine really came out to perform go dumb 😭
@deleteituugly2 A group of people CANNOT be this dumb it baffles
RT @yoonminskit: after three centuries we’ve finally been fed........ i love my dumb and dumber dads 😭🤟🏻 https://t.co/nr3WC1aI6P
@hana_shafqat They have done exams without even knowing the rules and regulations of the exam board! #Dumb
RT @heyassante: I am not clicking on anymore Onika this season. What in the dumb fuck is this? https://t.co/E4eAiYd8wW
@ConsleXD @FortniteGame Im so confused is this guy that dumb that he makes a meme about battery falling out if thos… https://t.co/vOGDn5CeCG
RT @illest_nate5150: Sum of u niggas dumb as Patrick 🤦🏾‍♂️
Now I understand why people think straight women are dumb as shit
RT @vmonthot: me, at the end of each chapter of a Good Fucking Fic: Kudos ♥️ ao3: you dcuking idiot. you imbi cile. you absolute… https://t.co/yMarKjTG7e
am i a dumb bitch or was the yellow sound wave line at the bottom not there before https://t.co/ui84GMx4NS
@petestrzok @mrretweetpete Of course we deserve better and so do you. But some dumb shits in this country elected T… https://t.co/698fcAZQOS
this is dumb but i want a vm from one of the boys cause like ya
RT @BrownBombBella: Brooke!!! Brooke!!! You look soooooo dumb! Really, really dumb, tryna marry someone who has a GIRLFRIEND and who DI… https://t.co/RNP0LwDeIP
RT @WalkingFIop: “Aye this dumb bitch got back with him” https://t.co/YUVJl8Kaq9
RT @RamelAprigil: We're too young, too dumb, to know things like love🙅🏻‍♂️
RT @deathlylogan: alexa why am i such a dumb bitch
RT @wilw: Thanks for listening. If you just can't live without my dumb jokes, #Resistance posts, and pictures of my pets, I'l… https://t.co/TwN6zAFWT4
RT @THECLASSICMANNY: We all knew DJ Self was super salty when he realised he actually let go of someone that would end up being successf… https://t.co/2NSdBkbw2N
RT @ayshardzn: Khalid's concert ticket price in KL ain't for the young, dumb and broke.