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@yc @happyloner Young, white, privileged, drunk, drugged up Spring Breakers tho. Thought they were better than that.
@4everNeverTrump @SheWhoVotes they must have drugged him for that performance
RT @sizzyrocket: you guys are the absolute sweetest i love you more than everything xxxx https://t.co/dOdgLG40D5
RT @SIZZYUPDATES247: TOMORROW night @ 7 PM PST Make sure you are following @sizzyrocket on Instagram here: https://t.co/QqVmt27W9x https://t.co/dyZRYzedTN
RT @christobowman: eating sushi by myself at this restaurant while I judge another guy for eating sushi by himself at this restaurant.
Cost billions in hospital care to take care of drugged crippled Rish Limbaughs and who will take care of the fat ass Union bitch hunting
// Rika is a liar (tm) Nope, sorry, Saeran, you're probs going to get drugged— Rika's intentions got misled along the way—
Babe full, bathed & drugged up.
Cute? Lol if you like drugged out, smoked out folks. https://t.co/gBN2HsEzn2
Then you get older and you can tottally tell when people are drugged out
Someone drugged me...the room feels like it's going 20 miles per second...
"Malaysian Policemen Drugged And Raped Young Woman In Club" https://t.co/ssAjaOKfIJ
Bro drugged up or not I feel like I still would have gotten my ass beat right then and there calling my mom a bitch… https://t.co/WFdoONUCpH
@TuckerCarlson @ricardorossello @FoxNews LOL most corrupt drugged out country in western hemisphere r u kidding independence 4 u !
@Nudibelle I don't know how she stayed that long. I wouldn't have gone on another date after he drugged her on the 2nd date.
she's doing so much better with storms 😊 only slightly drugged, still jumpy/shaking, but she's not trying to jump o… https://t.co/09ZyjEMlpA
@anessadoe fuck that shit! Being drunk is one thing but heroine. I've heard multiple instances of him being to drugged up.
RT @Nash076: Loki is home from surgery today. His all of the drugged. Poor puppy. https://t.co/c24K0FYwrR
@HaydenCheer hahaha this is an old pic! After my ACL surgery...i was a little drugged up😂