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mahal na mahal kita higit pa sa iniisip mo.
RT @tcarriermusic: because i luv y'all so much. twenty is coming very soon... https://t.co/fnoTmB6eej
Eso de que te levantas de la cama y la primera palabra que dices es me cago en mi puta vida.
RT @lisa_leveau: Les boutons+ le froid+ les cheveux jamais coiffes avec le vent+ les rougeurs = moche x15000
@iosifreesia はい……では、今日は石狩鍋にしますね
Joyeux anniversaire ma belle💗 @zooeerd
@CraigRBrittain @dryvyng You can probably do a better #drt than limited @NewportBus version! https://t.co/rY7EpGW9DT
Odio la tecnología
With the popularity of fps shooters and the growth of Lol/dota it was inevitable https://t.co/lu33Ltmdpj
RT @portraitgrip: Okay I'm here for this but you NEED to put this game in the Steam store. https://t.co/wPLDqwphuR
@bluezwei0 こんにちはです、デュアル先輩
RT @JW4Hillary: Trump will be behind by 2.5 million votes by end of today - if he is sworn in - he will be a #MinorityPresident with no mandate - just hate.
【時報】莉ッピー知ってるよ。今は15時だってこと https://t.co/UdvJPLjL4w
Everyone will leave you except God! ☝️
RT @Friendstagram: Everyone will leave you except God! ☝️