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Trump steps up security aide search, focuses on health care - President Donald Trump brought more contenders fo... https://t.co/QYWawzBpE8
RT @BernieSanders: Republicans claim to represent family values but plan to throw 20 million people off health insurance. That doesn't seem like family values.
RT @Honey17011: There's a reason the GOP can attack us with their 1% policies that threaten our health & curtail our freedom. Let… https://t.co/cRjRWLfbsX
RT @barrypearman: Mental health is ... being careful (full of care) about what you focus on. What you sow will grow. #mentalhealth https://t.co/tayoVEokij
RT @ZaRdOz420WPN: #SinglePayer Health Care Bill Introduced In California Senate https://t.co/PTdXjcvDOK via @CalHealthline #SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll
RT @ZaRdOz420WPN: California to weigh #singlepayer, universal health care plan https://t.co/AMVbT5rOFR via @mercnews #SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll
RT @healthcst2016: The Energetics of Food: How the Food You Eat Affects Your Mental and Emotional Health #nutrition… https://t.co/8aIhPyQmHx
Just Pinned to Dog Care and Health: DIY Dog First Aid Kits - A Must for Adventurous Pets https://t.co/bkTS7oXFiE https://t.co/f3XTeKBFeX
RT @NationalMemo: The Trump administration is moving to make it harder for you to get health insurance https://t.co/4QyhaOIc3o https://t.co/55eV6xSbu5
RT @inihelene: @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews There is no migrant crisis in Sweden. We have free health care, free education, a functioning welfare system. 👋🏼
Penampakan Virus Flu Burung Lewat Mikroskop https://t.co/ZcBbWVYArc
RT @hrkbenowen: Remember before Obamacare? 85% of Americans liked their health coverage before Obamacare, so why replace it? Just r… https://t.co/JyXAWRkZVW
RT @RogueNASA: The evidence for vaccine safety is abundant. That will be $100,000, please. https://t.co/j7jMixECFr
RT @ABC: Hundreds of Washington, D.C. Zika virus tests to be re-examined after 'technical issues.' https://t.co/dX2vVqyfZo https://t.co/CrzlBDPpyp
Kaya pala sa medical isa sa pinakamahalaga ay ang ihi natin para malaman kung may sakit o wala tayo. Narito ang... https://t.co/OTRmZ459YL
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@ABC @ThisWeekABC R. Paul & Republicans did not know there are 42 nations on this earth providing its citizens with universal health care.
RT @ZaRdOz420WPN: California legislation would create #singlepayer health care system https://t.co/NkWv5P5xVN via @SFGate #singlepayerSunday #MedicareForAll