‘Je brein werkt door als je bewust rust‘ https://t.co/K2AtqTj9xp
How DRM would kill the next Netflix (and how the W3C could save it) https://t.co/sVESh6FTne
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@erikvmuiswinkel ..om nou te impliceren dat het stom toeval was dat die kogels in zijn brein terecht kwamen.. #kweenie @freedomsensor
RT @Klace: Major\Minor - PAY WHAT YOU WANT! DRM Free Copy, Limited Time Only! https://t.co/LWygiTnerV In fact, you can even ge… https://t.co/RtsNh6FHPv
@vallilantuomo @gamespot next you'll tell me that Microsoft is spying on you and that there's DRM please get with the times
RT @limako: "DRM allows firms to convert their commercial preferences to enforceable legal requirements." @doctorow #LibrePlanet
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Why Magnesium is the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Known to Man https://t.co/I62PauT4C8
@_scarux moooh jtaime ❤
RT @accioballs: Même bourré je mettrai pas de story sur messenger
RT @shams_t1: ألقِ نفسك في نهر العِشق
@HazemNimeiry هتلاقيه فاكرك زملكاوى 😂..
@AwenEibner wie siehts denn mit Kopierschutz (DRM) aus? Da spalten sich ja auch die Meinungen zu, ob es sinnvoll ist oder nicht... 🤔
@DrM_Aldhafiri الآن انت تقول التدين يعطي جزء من الرجولة و تستكلمها التربية و البيئة و المتدينيين عنصرين و انانيين شنو مفهوم الرجولة عندك ؟!
@mante se non è bloccato da qualche DRM capestro
RT @FaithfulHokage: me when i'm about to take a test i didn't study for https://t.co/zJYrGjho3g
@Sargon_of_Akkad they use flash probably because of DRM and the fact that they probably don't know about html5