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“when others go low, we go high.” Long live Voicemail Drizzy. @Drake
I'm in the club sipping remy while they're playing Nikki toasting to more life feeling like I'm Drizzy. #Shellershttps://t.co/svnkPYTLqX
📷 Drake - More Life More Drizzy. 🌺🌺🌺 (TY @robineisenberg) Listen now on Apple Music. https://t.co/9hCM8VNMFg
Drizzy tomorrow night tho🎤 @Drake 👟
Who remembers congratulations by drake? Or friends with money? Say what's real? That's the real Drizzy
@Drake more life. more texts to ex's. Thank you Drizzy
Shoutout to Drizzy @Drake bringing that UK scene to his new album! 🙌🏻 #MoreLife
RT @Haitian_Pootch: "Sapasayy yay yay yay,it's Drizzy Drake annalayy yay yay yay" https://t.co/AnRLDkV6HI
RT @XXL: Drake got another new tattoo that only Day 1 Drizzy fans are gonna get https://t.co/UxUL2KotvP https://t.co/4G0eWqXE1m
So this happened last night 👑🙌🏽He was 🔥🔥🔥🔥#boysmeetesworldtour #drake #drizzy #champagnepapihttps://t.co/LsEj6XNhdW
RT @JoelWest1: Watching everyone's snapchats of Drake last night ... geezer brings out skepta 😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 jealousy overload! #skepta #drizzy
RT @FuckYoLife1_87: In 2020 Drake will travel to Japan and we'll get Anime Drizzy
Drake: "I said tell meeee what's really goin on- drizzy back up in this thing I'm ready .." Me: "WHATS HAPPPEEENIN… https://t.co/CLsiQIHyEF
RT @Tone_Pharres: As long as I got Drizzy's projects and Drake's If YLTTITL I'll have enough music to listen to as I wait on Drake to drop a proper album...
Mara pila pila what happened to Drake? Did Quinton Miller desert him or something? This cannot be Drizzy. https://t.co/pTks1VhRs6
@Drake literally has given me #morelife 🌺 thank you drizzy #6god #ovo 🙏🏽
RT @TomHoward_: Drake, Trey songz, Nicki Minaj, Skepta, Giggs all in one night 😳@Drake killing it last night..#BoyMeetsWorldTour #Drizzy @callumshepherd6.
Cleveland trends now: Browns, Happ, Ed Sheeran, Drizzy, Drake. https://t.co/IuWerTDqsp
Lebron James'in attığı tweet, Drake'in Drizzy albümü çıkmadan aylar önce Lebron James'e dinletmiş olabileceği soru… https://t.co/Xnrye8L1lp