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I came here for the Harrison s tweets but stayed so I can drink. Tweet
Tonight I am living that ‘time to drink precisely one beer and fall asleep’ tweet 😂
@thecreativewave I saw another tweet saying the same and spit my fucking drink out like did I just read this bs right
Bout to drop kick and flog some stuff, wanna buy me a drink on this historical occasion?? https://t.co/RPFtE478qPhttps://t.co/nIn1bJulNV
RT dbrand "moskowizzle r0wdym0use All XS and XS Max pre-orders ship this week. Don't drink and tweet."
@kevin_friesen7 @csnevarez1 @joerogan So u seem like a pretty typical Twitter guy, u run, u post about ur running h… https://t.co/qqjLs5rtLw
God IDK why I let myself tweet when I drink
RT @smbeckley: I don’t always start to drink after midnight but when I do fuck you.
RT @guccipunk_: “Thats a tweet hold my drink”
RT @bss1974: Football fans ..... if you drink today, PLEASE DON'T DRIVE! Call someone or heck tweet me ...... I'll come drive ya… https://t.co/gBR5oDq2YB
Another beard tweet, I know I’m sorrey. But Jesus every time I eat/drink shit is all in my grill and I hate it
@_TLBJ_ Idk if u saw my other tweet I deleted but anyways it’s a Christmas with the family drink
@lesbiansope henlo ely I hope you are well ;; I haven't seen you lately :,c so I got a bit worried but ok - ok - ok… https://t.co/ukhJXiqKyU
@Chichi_Arinze @adekiiitan Drink water and mind your business young lady ... it's not a must to tweet...!! Wizkid no even get your time. 😂.
RT @freedom_moates: Drink Tweet Go to Twitter Jail
RT @buttgrabbing: to the 2 girls in my history class who laughed @ my outfit, here’s a big fuck u incase this tweet appears on ur tl… https://t.co/ghnIbByr9X
RT @MattWills25: People that drink coffee and tweet how much they love/drink/need coffee are the worst type of coffee drinkers
@CurlyFriesAF Lmao there's no excuse anymore. I've read this tweet from you on multiple different occasions lmao. W… https://t.co/muDVLZW5Q8
@__anayeli You tweet, text, snap, and drink y yo no ando diciendo nada
It's nights like these that I question whether I drink to meet new people or I drink to justify eating a second din… https://t.co/D3D8UZncZW
RT @freedom_moates: Drink Tweet Go to Twitter Jail
RT @freedom_moates: Drink Tweet Go to Twitter Jail
RT @BON_SBNation: It’s officially time to start drinking. Please use this tweet as one (1) official drink ticket. Redeem it anywhere.
RT @DxGGEAUX: coworker: hey are you free, wanna grab a drink after work me: no i am very busy doing twitter. i plan to write out… https://t.co/NqrnjdT63h