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I had a dream that Drew Carey was drawing a comic I wrote. Really odd.
❝It isn`t premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married.❞ by Drew Carey #nsfw #quote
RT @Newsweek: Note that Donald Trump had dark brown hair during his 1997 appearance on The Drew Carey Show.… https://t.co/CvPZFo5CdD
@LamestTurtle77 Wow. I forgot about The Drew Carey Show. I loved when they aired live.
I always thought we should have Drew Carey sit on the side and shout out random point assignments. https://t.co/wUjF7PLRA4
@bader_diedrich @MaryMNation Same as the call to be on Drew Carey Show? You should've been on Whose Line.
@joshuargilliam remember when drew carey had a sitcom about living in cleveland
RT @GeorgeTakei: 3 folks in a row just spun $1 on The Price is Right. Trump claims this is part of a vast conspiracy and that Drew Carey is a known Democrat.
Need drew carey with the 2016 Cleveland Rocks mashup
RT @_Redneckonomics: Drew Carey would've been a perfect moderator #debatenight https://t.co/biJPNfMmev
@barstoolsports Do they hate Drew Carey that much?
Drew Carey would've been a perfect moderator #debatenight https://t.co/biJPNfMmev
I wonder what Drew Carey is up to tonight
The time I went on stage and got ROASTED by Drew Carey and Jeff Ross. https://t.co/aMuOmFXrLW
@J_23_L @RichStuffington and he is probably with the Drew Carey look alike; who I sold that oversized hat to.
In celebration of @Indians winning the pennant, @netflix should release the Drew Carey Show while we wait for the NL decision. @DrewFromTV
Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza : Whose Line is it Anyway 2 https://t.co/NWh17EUb2e
@derridalicious @wikileaks i like ur glasses.. very drew carey of u..hes dreamy..mmm
Trump's use of the word "wrong" reminds me of Drew Carey's use of the buzzer on Whose Line.
Cleveland is relevant for the first time since The Drew Carey show. Soooo can we bring the show back now too?? #ClevelandRocks
A sixth-grader described Drew Carey to me tonight as "the host of The Price is Right." #old