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@CyclonX_ @Tracker_TD @HatokTalk I think Ryan just commented on being offered the role of Sonic again, nothing to do with a Dreamcast Sonic
Dag 25 van de #hartelooscountdown van @blossombooks Dreamcast van Catherine: Karen Gillan. Ik… https://t.co/ih9seYR2LD
@HOT97 @Glo_Ko used to watch this joint on the DreamCAST THIS AND BELLY
Мне понравилось видео "Реакция на "Modern & Classic Sonic Meet Dreamcast Sonic in 2017""
RT @squareblind: An interesting point on #Sega and the enduring cult appeal of its under performing last consoles. Might the WiiU b… https://t.co/eLeayh8M4j
We found this sega dreamcast console pal fully tested boxed vmu on eBay. See more photos and info >>... https://t.co/9yAIrsKXja
@Kenre_Maru and a few ltd edition dreamcast's fwm
https://t.co/BVsRrT6Ma5 #Deals #VideoGames #Consoles !!NEW!! Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) - Factory Sealed Collector's Quality!
RT @rellBRODIE: #NostalgiaSTL HALLOWEEN NIGHT 🎈🎃🕸 Early 2000's themed all 2000's jams. Come dressed like ja rule and jam! Plus the… https://t.co/HGEr5kNuLZ
!!NEW!! Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) - Factory Sealed Collector's Quality! https://t.co/jfBoPYbsqf https://t.co/cQ0i7pDHOV
RT @smoss: Me and Flotus like "naaa you go first" https://t.co/fhtAjkerb4
I know that I got it if I... do what I gotta do to get by.
I'm glad that the SHGs retained their personalities from the anime, except for Dreamcast. They made her more serious than how she usually is
Video games are long dead, they died with the dreamcast
The n64 was really good but not legendary they just never really perfected it like the snes and dreamcast
@Alto_dreamcast_ はーい! だいぶうるさいかもやけどこれからよろしくねー🙌
The dreamcast was legendary too
RT @LimitedRunJosh: Giga Wing 2 crossed off the list. I think I could complete a US Dreamcast set for under $500 at this point.
The dreamcast controller was weird but cool and functional