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@TheAnnyeongOppa ano po yung dream concert na gustong gusto niyo talagang puntahan? #AskAnnyeongOppa
RT @NCT_INDONESIA: [DOWNLOAD/TS] 161203 NCT 127 – SBS Super Seoul Dream Concert https://t.co/YpZ9ikWmeM
@trblkyum today's the day your going to the concert ahhh it's a dream come true 🙂😂 https://t.co/H4zuTCzD1W
I'm so thrilled to be seeing @respektor tonight!! It's been my dream concert since 2013!!
RT @itzme_ako: Interview with Julie Anne San Jose at the I Dare to Dream Concert https://t.co/Xjfb0nTw2h via @YouTube
Interview with Julie Anne San Jose at the I Dare to Dream Concert https://t.co/Xjfb0nTw2h via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/4myUNo1RNZ Sistar Live in 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert [CC: ENG SUBS]
RT @realeriksantos: Memorizing songs for the upcoming "I Dare To Dream Concert". See you guys on March 22 at the MOA Arena.
RT @realeriksantos: I Dare To Dream Concert happening tonight! 🎤 Thank you #GlobeLive and Disney for making me a… https://t.co/4u1DYmAl2H
iggy azalea was in my dream i was at a concert i dont even know whose concert it was but she was behind me holding a sign about stan twitter
L'Arc~en~Ciel - My Heart Draws A Dream Live Concert 25年間バンドやっていけるってかっこいい、、 やっぱボーカルうまいよ https://t.co/izA1eOQUy4
RT @west_pink_kaya: ✨Dream Concert✨ ▪️3月25日(土) ▫️旭区民センター 大ホール ▪️入場無料 ▫️テーマ: Another∞World🌏 誰でも楽しめる演奏会です♫ 是非お越し下さい! The Performance b… https://t.co/EUkTdx0Jh9
RT @PuspaOh: Imagine @NCTsmtown NCT Dream concert be like................ #nct #nctdream #mark #renjun #jeno #haechan #jaemin… https://t.co/UDLTOst2e9
RT @sincex2013: Janina's vlog for I Dare to Dream Concert. @MyJaps 😉😊 https://t.co/4tYEEtLfxx
録画予約完了!(`・ ω・´)ゞビシッ! 3月31日(金) CS・日テレプラス 「80's Dream 90's Magic PREMIUM CONCERT」 ・DAY1:18:00〜 ・DAY2:20:30〜… https://t.co/dc5RV9yttQ
RT @hunter_chism: Still a dream of mine to be head bangin front row soakin wet in sweat at an 80's rock concert
RT @Kstyle_news: 防弾少年団、日本ツアーのため今年の「DREAM CONCERT」に不参加 https://t.co/QiIP9teyWv
Groupe dream therapy cherche concert https://t.co/s4deOUStmN #musique
in my earlier dream where he had fleas for some reason sjkjnk and a doctors visit was mixed with ,a scorpions concert i went to
Picture an all expense paid trip and attending your dream concert worth RM10k and many other… https://t.co/Twybp47WHJ
Lagi nonton KRY dvd concert, dan In my dream Kry version yoksiii jjang!!!! Merindinggg