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RT @goal: Arsenal target Malcom: Playing in the Premier League would be a dream. #AFC https://t.co/jS0UChI3OW
RT @ES_FTW: 5 years ago my channel was hacked and everything was deleted and I had to start from 0... now my channel has been t… https://t.co/A1snMWNeao
RT @SimplyUtd: Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkitharyan would be a straight swap with no fee. Ed Woodward: "We can do things in the… https://t.co/qinCa0WYfu
RT @chuckwoolery: I had a Dream last night that we built the Wall, we deported all illegals, we cleaned out the corruption of our Gov… https://t.co/vs8WNdGpjo
RT @rihannapoems: PLS ROBYN, READ THAT!! make my dream come true (sorry for the mistakes, all the translator's fault) if possible, co… https://t.co/VthrzLy5bq
With this piece of paper you can do anything - for some college is the ultimate dream.. Remember someone else is pr… https://t.co/VAO3mkexgH
@Dee1music @Wale Preach!!! So true. They say the dream is free but the hustle is not. Success will require blood, s… https://t.co/efauzl8ZOs
RT @ACIM_YouTube: Awakening from the Dream Live Online Retreat, January 19-21 Events that have translations are a huge benefit for En… https://t.co/Nde2caT3L0
RT @alansenriquez: the american dream is dead
I wish it felt real again but it’s just kinda like a dream, fading more and more every day
Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. If you aren't there yet KEEP GOING, try again & again. You will make it! https://t.co/5N2GQN5fBz
he is basically living my childhood dream https://t.co/sTR9xWHIXt
RT @tedpisces_za: My dream is to turn my dreams into reality🌷🙏and with God by my side nothing iss impossible
RT @Twoflower: Sooo... they're doing a remake of Heathers which flips it around so the liberal LGBT diversity kids are eeevil popu… https://t.co/wVQLBRiszf
RT @antidespondent: #WalkForMen join us for Dream Run in #MumbaiMarathon next Sunday 21st January at CST https://t.co/LGmr4NZkmb
@BrookerFilms Low key my dream is to meet you xo
RT @womensmarch: Joining us Sunday at #PowerToThePolls in Las Vegas? Our friends @amplifierart will be handing out this #DreamActNow… https://t.co/zwriIAmcXA
RT @LiiviingLOUD: I gave someone 5$ somebody gave me 50$ 🤞🏾 Thankful
RT @Childhelp: Our guests couldn't help but get up and dance as soon as @CeeLoGreen hit the stage at the 14th Annual Childhelp Dri… https://t.co/5bCaG4a6q0
Once apon a dream...🌠🌛 @victoriaruffo31 ¡buenas noches! Mi reina hermosa😘❤👑 https://t.co/WdAA1AMZqc
RT @annnahatcher: 12) Anyways, I could go on for hours... the point is: 7A was AWFUL for her on so many levels, but... so were the pr… https://t.co/0N1SVmvz43