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RT @MYRENJUN_TH: [FANTAKEN] 180419 แบนเนอร์อีเว้นท์วันเกิดจาก SUM เนื่องในวันเกิดน้องค่ะ 💕🦊 #RENJUN #런쥔 #仁俊 #NCT_DREAM ©️ I995O70… https://t.co/QVUj7pDKkw
RT @NPO_JKCA: 💚フォロワー様限定🎁#日韓友情フェスタ #KPOP_FES_TOKYO ビハインドメモリー🎞 #NCT_DREAM サインボール認定ショット📷未公開写真初公開😆サプライズ演出!サインボール抽選で各1名に🎁 RT&公演で一番ドキド… https://t.co/hHdloLtAqD
@dream_girl_weja اكيد هما اجمل 😭😭😭😂
@SIitherinn It's toothless from Dream works Dragons 🤔
RT @TXRedPilled: We can all agree that what happened in Parkland is tragic. Most of us can’t imagine the horror that took place. But… https://t.co/7XN8rI8hgm
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Weird ass dream...
RT @iAustinMahone4u: Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
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@Kanako_Kurokana に〜ちゃん…って言ってるだろ〜!!
RT @trans_ShiniLive: 【봄 대형 업데이트&캠페인 정보 제1탄】 「메모리얼 보드 확장」이 가능하게! 특정 브로마이드에 아이돌들의 사인이나 코멘트를 추가하거나, 마음에 드는 브로마이드를 파워 업 할 수 있습니다! #샤니라이… https://t.co/eE9LSTRS6f
RT @EowynArmy: @BangBangtan_Esp La cara de satisfacción y ternura que se carga ella es memorable...como diciendo "le hice una brom… https://t.co/w5DgquQflk
RT @littlefahsai: Lip of the day 💄 3ce velvet lip tint #Daffodil 💋 ลิปเนื้อเวลเวทนุ่มๆ สีจริงสว่างกว่านี้ ✨ https://t.co/9XSjIAbCRL
RT @MotivatedLiving: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
RT @GoogleForEdu: To the dream-fuelers, future-shapers and big idea-believers, thank you today and every day. https://t.co/6gNHW3fhR9… https://t.co/pZ3jWLIaaE
RT @Stray_Kids: @prdsalba [Felix] Of course i'd love too! It's a dream to go there and perfom on stage for all of you guys~ You… https://t.co/2zMj1lnGwn
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RT @tanya_plibersek: Treasurer Scott Morrison: cut the pension, wants to cut the pensioner energy supplement + raise pension age to 70.… https://t.co/YZCagP1waA
I recognize life as dream, and I dream lucid. - @JColeNC