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I was looking through my college notebooks and found this note I wrote when I was 18 and a Sophomore in college. It… https://t.co/BC17BAshge
RT @glowhae: national anthem - old as shit - written by a racist - way overplayed go by nct dream - goes hard as fuck - about… https://t.co/YMAVDGLiSR
RT @bang_dream_info: 【#ガルパカフェ 2018】 ついに本日10:00より池袋店がオープン🎊 かわいい店内内装とともにお待ちしています🌈 お越しになる皆さまは、ぜひぜひ楽しんでいってくださいね☕️💕 https://t.co/LAzsSDGFLM… https://t.co/X6GmgkcWTJ
RT @LolitaWardrobe: UPDATE: Dream Magical 【-Angel's Lullaby-】 Series #Leftovers ◆ Quick Delivery To Worldwide >>>… https://t.co/lzFZJlNoUQ
I dream of dropping off my child at school and being a part of my child's life. I dream of being a good and loving mother.
RT @briaatortillaa: Crab already out of the shell and swimming in butter? Is this a dream? https://t.co/13ABqxBKl3
RT @minminnnie1204: Q. Embarrassing past you want to erase NJ: I have so many... YG: Too many SJ: Picture taken abroad that's all over… https://t.co/DaAmI3ysjU
RT @MSNBC: "Of course that’s Vladimir Putin's dream, is to call in a professional diplomat like McFaul and to quiz him about s… https://t.co/GBkB8Y0smU
RT @aena_official: \夏イベントでも美容対策!/ その場で当たる!毎日当たる! 真夏の #アエナのウブノン キャンペーン!! 合計100名様に大人気サプリUV-NONをプレゼント! アエナをフォロー&7/21(土)9:59までにRTでその場で抽選… https://t.co/76vmaUH3JR
RT @Ara__Dream: [RT추첨기프티콘] 사이마스의 🌊코론 크리스🌊천사님 도검난무의 🌸히게키리🌸천사님 을 모시고 싶습니다!!자세한건 같이 올리는 표를 참고해 주세요!(잠수 안 타고 오래 가실 분을 모시고 싶어요)천사님이 두 분… https://t.co/DPpd0kduj4
RT @fastcrayon: Classroom expectations: 1. Have a vision. (Hope and dream!) 2. Be a learner, not a finisher. (Growth over grades)… https://t.co/ycLE2j8zUH
RT @NCT_SENSATION: (OFFICIAL) 180703 dreammakerlive_official IG update #NCT #TEN #텐 ▶LINE-UP #2 텐 . SM STATION Season 2 ‘夢中夢(몽중몽; Dre… https://t.co/FSYnt2lMXS
RT @minminnnie1204: Q. Most memorable stage NJ: No more dream M Countdown YG: AMAs SJ: Save me first showcase concert. HS: February 18t… https://t.co/yz3pPHl93j
RT @Mnamescharlotte: ในขณะที่ใครหลายคนมองจดหมายที่น้องเขียนไปว่าแกรมม่าผิดเอย เขียนไม่ถูกเอย และอีกต่างๆนานา แต่นี่กลับคิดว่าน้องเขียนจา… https://t.co/Eb544k3Ayc
RT @Maryamhasnaa: They say it takes one lucid dream inside of a nightmare to cure that nightmare. That's all the nightmare wants apparently, to be seen.
i just found out that i'm going to New York in two weeks and i've been crying since. it's such a huge dream of mine to go there
RT @NCTsmtown_DREAM: 리듬감이 넘치는 지성이! 뭘 만지던 음악이 된다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ연습하다가 이게뭐야!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ - 순소 #NCT #NCT_DREAM https://t.co/jcyp1Dde5r
RT @bang_dream_gbp: 🎸ガルパ×『ペルソナ』シリーズコラボ🌟 開催決定記念!フォロー&RTキャンペーン🎉 ガルパ(@bang_dream_gbp )をフォロー&本ツイートをRTしていただいた方の中から抽選で300名様に、オリジナルQUOカード500円… https://t.co/jngwRrpwUb
@DoveCameron @thomasadoherty Pls follow me Dove it’s my dream!
Have had this recurring dream for a solid 8 years https://t.co/ZCwDNEemhh