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RT @bts0613zkvlvp: 남준 : 뭔가 부탁할때 옷자락을 잡아당기면서 부탁하면 더 효과적이라길래 호석이 셔츠자락을 잡아당겼더니 셔츠가 찢어졌어
RT @MissJazzDaFunk: You guys loved Bianca! Here's Elora from Spyro! ♥♥ She's a lot of fun to draw! ♥♥♥ https://t.co/IZnb9CtNLA
Leicester City fans' patience with Claude Puel waning as 'new season' begins with drab goalless draw (Leicester Mer… https://t.co/00eaInsNfN
@TheGRVOfLight The Saints-Swans draw was in 2002. Also in round five.
Haruka was good at drawing and loved to draw.
RT @takumenooon: #bpmQD 「QUICK DRAW」2日目です! 昨日はダイヤのA The LIVE のマネージャー陣とあみたが来てくれました(^^) ダイヤメンバーとあみたで(^^) 本日も2公演お待ちしてます!! 今日も真摯に頑張… https://t.co/2OYp5fdcKS
RT @alulawings: One of my favorite things to draw about Louis is his eyes, and the emotions he convey with them. #FanArt4Louis https://t.co/intG2qQ9FD
RT @Rosel__d: What if there's an anime about art movements and styles as humans? 😂 (Parody- I tried to draw some of them hehe) Go… https://t.co/eQmJlv1KBk
RT @bts0613zkvlvp: 윤기 : 물은 진짜 만능 특효약 인것같아 살을 빼고싶으면 물을 마시면 되고 피부가 안좋으면 물을 마시면 되고 옷에 뭐가 묻으면 찬물에 담궈두면 되고 시끄러운 사람도 물에 담궈두면 조용해지잖아 남준: 네?
@Leon_Challenger qualifying draw: Marcus Willis vs De Alba Franco Agamenone vs Lock Tobias Simon[6] vs F.Zeballos
RT @Cadeau_CC: 옛날 여자애들, 20180420 *오타가 있어 수정했습니다. https://t.co/WEZPTeS4hC
RT @Kekeflipnote: "Is it hard to be an artist on the internet?" I suppose it's like any artistical ways, it takes some times and the… https://t.co/sztx9PnNVc
@wlgoadl 우ㅡ오아ㅣ이ㅏ어ㅏ아악
RT @lemonheonnie: Finally drew some sope + @_hobilu mentioned kitty yoongi so I had to draw him https://t.co/y4oBycqg6Q
Match day #NFD. Win, draw, lose, promotion or relegation ... I'm ever backing my team @mthathabucksfc
#TaylorSwift has millions of fans around the world, but she also continues to draw unwanted attention, #authorities say.
Great effort Saints, didn’t quite get the win but a draw definitely feels better than losing 🔴⚪️⚫️ #proud #AFLSaintsGIANTS
If we can't beat these fuckers today it really is the end the line for the Heck. Guaranteed draw though as the guy… https://t.co/LuRrGvZYGo
@Lle5713 ナンダッテ- じゃあやめておこうかな・・・(チラッチラッ
프로필 마감 꿋
@mgseli This is me wanting to draw Kepler from wolf 359 but also I hate him