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RT @SuperSportBlitz: SuperSport United have reached the SFs of the #CAFCC 2-2 on aggregate after Thuso Phala’s double earned them a 2-2 draw at Zesco United.
I wouldn't really mind forgetting how to draw, sometimes. It stresses me out and makes me feel bad more than it makes me very happy.
RT @GxxodGCFC: 20170924 2moons FM in hangzhou draw 😭😭😭 #gxxod #ก็อตอิทธิพัทธ์ https://t.co/pEKQleOVL6
Was supposed to do a quick sketch of a bear but idk how to draw animals so i just drew a Bear instead. #Art https://t.co/zg2C2bYqXB
RT @SX1000: 霊園の萌えキャラなんて初めて見た。 https://t.co/mtPkTBode0
RT @RichieMcCormack: "That concludes the draw. Ties to be played the week ending January 6th" https://t.co/InzVUAxChN
@LuminousRansa //no draw a gracefully aged mori
@SamuelLJackson @sethuels Yes, please. I'm tired of this - exactly where are they to go to draw attention to these… https://t.co/3EY0N7640O
RT @doreeenh: Not an artist but I'll draw your attention📝👑 https://t.co/rjrDNevPuS
RT @1gusakat: it was more difficult than i thought to draw the high school girl lol https://t.co/EaaabrKSwt
RT @fox_troupe: flower crown and lily of the valley, been wanting to draw a female knight! https://t.co/OegLliU08Y
RT @Concours2Skin: 🎁 #CSGO SKIN #GIVEAWAY Win your random StatTrak skin 🔫 ➡️RT + Follow ⬅️ ➡️TAG 2 FRIENDS ⬅️ ➡️ FOLLOW ME &… https://t.co/jKPekqx7DG
RT @noniisama: hi i just wanted to draw curly ginger phil with glasses and the ghost shirt https://t.co/o9EZzUfDx2
RT @babycarebot: ✏️: Draw a picture. (Even if you're a terrible artist)
RT @BenWebbLFC: Hey 'Klopp outers', you know who you are.......You've vanished overnight!? If you can't support us when we win, d… https://t.co/7oiAlCMh2C
RT @fox_troupe: flower crown and lily of the valley, been wanting to draw a female knight! https://t.co/OegLliU08Y
RT @C_TownDogBear: my friend jake has offered a challenge to draw your oc in the "nothin personnel kid" pose & it made me physically i… https://t.co/mudlMeTAAV
Don't try & fool foreign investors @EconomicTimes Ur parent group has stake in Wishtown #PaidMedia #SAVEJPWISHTOWN https://t.co/pn2OjYzXwH
RT @ZiggyZagz: WEEKEND MEANS TIME TO DRAW FOR MYSELF pt1 https://t.co/pslQfU6fdA
RT @mattkayd: Thank you guys for all being so cool,if it was only the draw of the cash I'd have given up a long time ago.Still he… https://t.co/8zuCGpFEcJ
To qualify, just buy any of the Note 4 or Note 4 Pro and you get a raffle ticket to participate in the raffle draw.… https://t.co/CEbbfS6CKr
srsly tho is somebody draw megane ossan rick and megane morty
Win a Crock Pot! - Members Only Prize Draw - https://t.co/Q7YBhfP7dC https://t.co/uVEp1TnDSP
Kele culture is saying I'm gonna draw but not drawing and wanting to die https://t.co/l3Q6lb9Xb4
Turkey are undefeated in the #FIFAU17WC group round, with five wins and one draw recorded to date. https://t.co/eAWliflLcQ