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RT @StevenVsMixer: GIVEAWAY @PlayApex PLAYERS! Giving away 10 Season 1 Passes! All you have to do is 1) Follow @StevenVsMixer 2) Fo… https://t.co/W3DgIhk28F
Advantage of having naturally thick eyebrows : You don’t have to draw on it Disadvantage : Every first impression… https://t.co/VNuquuOnpL
RT @Naitor_5: Alright, so I've begun to draw the Phantom Thieves in their school uniforms as practice and to get over my artblock… https://t.co/T0ckSRhtkp
@AcrosStudios @CuteMutePrude @Stairfax Old fans were the only ones who gave it a chance It didn't draw in any new… https://t.co/faHYY7gCCH
RT @princehix: hey...... is it just me,,,,,, or does anyone else just.. LOVE the way artists draw hoseok.,,,, like the cute elegan… https://t.co/6zYXvwFAhP
Tattoos are mental. We all pay for a stranger to draw a picture on us which will be there forever. Then people ar… https://t.co/2z6AcbHy9r
im gonna draw them tonight 🤩
RT @daviddomoney: #Follow & #RT to enter my free prize draw for the chance to win 1 of 2 @mrfothergill Old Spice Mixed Sweet Peas. U… https://t.co/0H0fvXEvMb
@Love_Promise_S I''ll probably put my unicorn back. or my own face. That would keep the weirdo away, Maybe. With my… https://t.co/J9PhDYPNJv
RT @NotShahem: I know we’re all joking about this, but by eating here you’re literally funding conversion camps and more. At what… https://t.co/1HvZU5oNQ6
RT @puku2pang_: This how people who ask free art think how digital artist draw https://t.co/xl35V5ivib
@notfate221 @funnwhimsy I think this is my fave combo. I love how you draw the Holts ♥
RT @herecomesbeef: so basically, everyone's art improvement has been >anime >im not gunna draw anime anymore >fuck it, ANIME
RT @ABCthedrum: “Whether he said he wanted to exploit anti-Muslim sentiment for political gain is a moot point. Just look at his be… https://t.co/rVaVl8c1El
RT @ITZY_GLOBAL: [INFO] 190322— <SOUL Booster Day with ITZY> 📆March 22, 2019(today) at 7PM to 8PM KST 📍KIA Beat360 Building 🗣100 Fa… https://t.co/39eue1hAEE
me everytime before attempting to draw: https://t.co/jJpniIWwos
RT @edutopia: Research shows that students will remember a concept much better if they draw it (compared to taking notes or merel… https://t.co/04df2tIzDk
RT @ITZY_GLOBAL: [INFO] 190322— <SOUL Booster Day with ITZY> 📆March 22, 2019(today) at 7PM to 8PM KST 📍KIA Beat360 Building 🗣100 Fa… https://t.co/39eue1hAEE
RT @LizAlberio: IU can definitely draw.. She drew one of her colleagues(Choi Kang Won) in "YTBLSS" in the Napkin before. She even… https://t.co/l11oUal9te
RT @batnoise: happy super worm moon!! by some twist of fate i was gifted a special friend on this day and i had to draw him https://t.co/NZZe15Jfck
RT @redhistorian: Corbyn & May have one big thing in common, which is at the core of our current problems: both draw their authority… https://t.co/cHdh2VjD57
RT @vana0403: @ncbn @JaiTDP manam tickets ichina MLA la lo oka 10-15 candidates manaki vennupotu podustharu ane samacharam undi a… https://t.co/t3kTLsRbi0
@kannibal xDDDD well if you draw it enough you might end up loving it lol
@ninemoons42 I’ll have to draw another witch Ignis with colour some time. I’m really loving the whole witch AU I’ve got going.