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RT @girlposts: me: I have a really diverse music taste me: *listens to the same song on repeat for three weeks*
RT @helioflores: Sally Draper se transformou completamente na mãe, em Feud. https://t.co/Yv29m0jo62
RT @genc_timas: Sharon M. Draper imzalı 48 ödüllü #İçimdekiMüzik, Time dergisinin belirlediği “Dünyanın En İyi 100 Kitabı” listesin… https://t.co/XX8vAlux74
Heinz makes 'Pass The Heinz' Ads by 'Don Draper' from 'Mad Men' a reality! What do you think of this campaign? >… https://t.co/pjMQBwhgIU
RT @ChickNugs: Don Draper, sitting head down, fingertips steepled; He looks up "She puts the candy in her mouth like the's sucking dick in her first porno"
Drinking a JDW MC77 Mild The Gap by @HookyBrewery/@BirraMC77 @ The Draper's Arms (Wetherspoon) — https://t.co/YYUsvlbcsz
Drinking a Pathmaker by @BlackSheepBeer @ The Draper's Arms (Wetherspoon) — https://t.co/LXaRFxD6HQ
Tom Draper speaking on bundled payments in #cardiacrehab #mscvpr #aacvpr https://t.co/v8DQ4F0qwY
RT @CCarazas: Look at this guy with his top down... @OhMyGOFF @SheenaParveen @kwrightnbc4 @AdamTuss @amelia_draper do u think thi… https://t.co/Oy1wOv8mPP
50 Years Later, #Heinz Approves Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ads /SO THE DARK SHALL BECOME THE LIGHT #TUBE https://t.co/zdi5wuieBS
Drinking a JDW Brouwerij ’t IJ Flink by @caledonianbeer/@BrouwerijtIJ @ The Draper's Arms (Wetherspoon) — https://t.co/Mg7BqRF6VI
RT @MadMenQTs: You're happy because you're successful—for now. But what is happiness? It's a moment before you need more happiness… https://t.co/NcQ8gq9qQ3
RT @jcernstphoto: Rosslyn Skyline just before sunrise 3-25-17 @capitalweather @yourtake @spann @amelia_draper @washingtondc #MyDCcool… https://t.co/yVMan7q4QA
RT @violadavis: If you have any information on the missing teens in this video, please call 202-727-9099 #MissingDCGirls https://t.co/DTolCvDuLK
RT @chris_fukuda: Washington DC Cherry Blosssoms 2017... more to come.. @capitalweather @ABC7EileenW @amelia_draper @japantimes https://t.co/qLvPK4SBsN
RT @DailyMemeSuppIy: when ur dog see u come home lit smelling like drugs and alcohol but u left him at home all day https://t.co/BUbQ8q8bdt
RT @Adweek: 50 years later, Heinz approves Don Draper's "Pass the Heinz" ads and is actually running them:… https://t.co/T6Db6Gyjid
More Millennibollocks. And look who's sponsoring. cc @Dr_Draper https://t.co/psVXHDs1yu
Mad Men é uma das coisas mais massas q eu já vi E a mensagem final é extraordinária Valeu Don Draper!
RT @chris_fukuda: Washington DC Cherry Blossoms 2017... more to come... @capitalweather @ABC7EileenW @amelia_draper @japantimes https://t.co/iMLdhxqoLC
@Curbed Don Draper's NYC apartment @MadMen_AMC
RT @KALIUCHIS: please look for these faces DMV, 1girl has already been found w/the help of this thread. https://t.co/dJpyePqK9s
RT @chiIIjake: We supposed to feel bad or sum? She got what she voted for https://t.co/5GZVxyg5EB